Vase 3 Red Hibiscus Vase 3 Red Hibiscus Affordable Art 56546
Denise Yvonne Fielding - Vase 3 Red Hibiscus | Still Life Art Painting
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Denise Yvonne Fielding - "Vase 3 Red Hibiscus"

"Vase 3 Red Hibiscus"

Vase 3 Red Hibiscus
Oil on Canvas, US$ 443

Vase 3 Red Hibiscus

Sorry but this work has already been sold. may be willing to undertake a commission.

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Oil on Canvas

W: 990mm x H: 820mm x D: 100mm
W: 39" x H: 32" x D: 4"

Approx. Weight: 8kg

This work is framed (but can be supplied either framed or unframed)


US$ 443 SOLD


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About "Vase 3 Red Hibiscus"

I was inspired by a bowl of flowers.

Denise Yvonne Fielding

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About Denise Yvonne

Denise Yvonne Fielding

1939 –

Denise has lived internationally. She was educated and now lives permanently in the Eastern Cape, South Africa as have her family for a number of generations. She is inspired to paint and reflect on its much unspoiled beauty, the tenacity and quality to be found in the lives of its people across the races, both past and present. She has deep compassion and loyalty toward all who rise above their broken dreams,their sullied visions, their circumstances by honest, non-violent endeavour.

2013: Now, as I approach my 75th year, I have a new vision. All I want to say here (in a world awash with words), as background to my work is that on deep reflection, life’s unexpected, often uninvited, turns affirmed for me the entrenched value of simplicity and the infallibility of truth. Values gleaned by osmosis one might say, via family and an educational system rooted in the true meaning of the Word.
With that in mind and heart I will use my God given sight to dance again - with a flash of paint, a swish of the brush - in an attempt to record some aspects of our precious Eastern Cape heritage - its people in different scenarios, flowers, trees, places. With the help of old Brownie camera photos too I will try to record some of the often forgotten essence, of long ago. My focus is definitely not to be understood as nostalgia. Life is in the moment, the day, Capo Diem. By looking deeply into the wonder of creation and our survival, one is refreshed for fresh endeavour.
I trust my vision will inspire whoever may stumble across it. Some of my journey to here may be apparent by reading my poems, ‘Life - Seventy Summers’. Reprints are available on request.

Price Range

US$ 73-1,107



Paintings sold from galleries in Port Elizabeth; Ann Bryant Annual Exhibition East London; Queenstown Art Exhibtition; County Sligo,Ireland


Read her poems 'Life - Seventy Summers' reprints available

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