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Cornelius Terblanche - African Dans - 2 Piece | Abstract Art Fine Art
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Cornelius Terblanche - "African Dans - 2 Piece"

"African Dans - 2 Piece"

African Dans - 2 Piece
Other, US$ 285

African Dans - 2 Piece

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W: 1220mm x H: 910mm x D: 35mm
W: 48" x H: 36" x D: 1"

Approx. Weight: 3kg

This work is unframed


US$ 285


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African 1

About "African Dans - 2 Piece"

I have always been interested in the old african culture. Me being South African, this is a way of portraying africa in an abstract way.

Cornelius Terblanche

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About Cornelius

Cornelius Terblanche

Being a person who has travelled a lot (and moved quite often during my childhood), I have learned to appreciate the diversity in taste, perception and culture. I specialize in abstract art, as it more so portrays my personality and that of my life experiences. The style of one art differs completely from the next to accommodate each individual person while at the same time inserting a modern twist.
My art inspiration like many other artists come from the emotion at that point but blended with life experiences associated with that emotion as well as surroundings…presented as abstract art. Emotions just as abstract art does not have rules or borders but mere order within chaos!

A part of myself is put into every piece I make…every piece perfectly unique.
I take pride in what is made, as the emotion contained therein is truly the very essence of myself.

I prefer my art to have a specific them whether it be Africa, circus, “plane jane”, sea, sky etc. etc. Every day items also play a role in forming an abstract idea, eg water or even lemons (as indicated on some of my art!).

I have no boundaries when it comes to the imagination and creation of a piece, and enjoy every minute in creating these arts.
I take pride in using the gifts the Lord has given me.

Price Range

US$ 85-571


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