AnGeRuCo 2010 - Rebirth in Monotone AnGeRuCo 2010 - Rebirth in Monotone Affordable Art 55148
Antonio Coreejes - AnGeRuCo 2010 - Rebirth in Monotone | Abstract Art Art Painting
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Antonio Coreejes - "AnGeRuCo 2010 - Rebirth in Monotone"

"AnGeRuCo 2010 - Rebirth in Monotone"

AnGeRuCo 2010 - Rebirth in Monotone
Mixed Media, US$ 938

AnGeRuCo 2010 - Rebirth in Monotone

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Mixed Media

W: 1350mm x H: 3000mm x D: 50mm
W: 53" x H: 118" x D: 2"

Approx. Weight: 6kg

This work is unframed


US$ 938


Ribirth in Monotone

About "AnGeRuCo 2010 - Rebirth in Monotone"

This 3 paneled abstract artwork depicts in dimensions of Blue the artist’s view of the expression of rebirth. The panels are 1.5m by 45cm each.

Antonio Coreejes

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About Antonio

Antonio Coreejes

The world around us is created by art. Everything we touch comes from a creative contemplation. At AnGeRuCo we believe that your vision, your product and your service is inestimable and should be an extension of your creative inspiration.

We use age old traditions, philosophies and processes combined with cutting edge technology to provide you, our valued customer, with a diverse array of products and services. These cater for every need and will essentially deliver you to your ultimate goal destination with just a touch of opulence and regality.


Antonio Coreejes

Creative director and founder of AnGeRuCo

Price Range

US$ 208-938




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