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Adele Joubert

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"Pink Is The New Black"
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Pink Is The New Black
US$ 111

"Blue Herron"
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Blue Herron
US$ 87

"Quinea Fowl"
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Quinea Fowl
US$ 87

"Cat Lady"
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Cat Lady
US$ 111

"Extrasensory Transition"
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Extrasensory Transition
US$ 139

"Conscious Expansion of Life"
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Conscious Expansion of Life
US$ 139

"Man With Beard"
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Man With Beard
US$ 93

"Likeness of Being"
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Likeness of Being
US$ 260

"Essence Of Life"
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Essence Of Life
US$ 557

"The Red Line"
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The Red Line
US$ 139

"Purple Iris "
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Purple Iris
US$ 111

"Leaves In Green"
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Leaves In Green
US$ 93

"Vincent's Sunflowers Mono Style"
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Vincent's Sunflowers Mono Style
US$ 111

"Cactus Flower 1"
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Cactus Flower 1
US$ 85

"Cactus Flower 2"
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Cactus Flower 2
US$ 85

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Adele Joubert

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About Adele

Adele Joubert

Making art for me is like breathing. Its part of how I express what I feel and see in the world around me.

With my art I can say something suddenly and loudly. Because you see, words evade me most of the time!

My first love is Oil paint on canvas. My paintings are bright and bold. In contrast; when I work in Ink, Jik and Pencil; my work becomes more loose and playfull.

Price Range

US$ 85-557



2008 The Gallery at Duncan Yard
2009. The Gallery at Duncan Yard -Mexican exhibition
2009. The Gallery at Duncan Yard -Italiano exhibition
2009 Sasol new Signature Art Competition finalist
2009. SanmART- Afrika is nie vir sissies nie
2011 Sasol New Signatures Finalist
2008 - 2011 Various Group Exhibitions at Gallery at Duncan Yard, Smart and Heart in The Garden
2021 Bonthuijs Art and D├ęcor
2022 Easter Exhibition Centurion Art Gallery
Artist of the Year exhibition Centurion art Gallery
2022 Phillip Heenop Art Gallery (Group Exhibition).
2022 F-Art Pneuma Exhibition (Group Exhibition)
2022 Inscape Group Exhibition - Johann van Heerden Gallery
2022 End of the year Group Exhibition - Johann van Heerden Gallery
2023. ABTS Year exhibition Margate Art Museum
2023 Refillery Earth Shed Exhibition
2023. Top 100 Finalist AGAG Arti Gallery Competition
2023. Kotze Gallery Gallery
2024 UGU district exhibition Margate Art Museum
2024 Propoganda Group exhibition Johann van Heerden Gallery
2024. Longstreet Art Lovers 1923 Exclaimed Solo Exhibition

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