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Christopher Abrahams

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US$ 113

"A Pair of Hearts"
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A Pair of Hearts
US$ 113

"Grapes and Pears"
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Grapes and Pears
US$ 113

"Lime in a Glass Jar"
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Lime in a Glass Jar
US$ 169

"Nude: Lorna on the Couch"
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Nude: Lorna on the Couch
US$ 563

"Watermelon Smile"
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Watermelon Smile
US$ 563

"His Life Like The Sea"
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His Life Like The Sea
US$ 225

"Oranges and Roses"
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Oranges and Roses
US$ 676

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Christopher Abrahams

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About Christopher

Christopher Abrahams

I had the privilege or as some may say the misfortune of growing up in District Six, Cape Town. This was an unique, wonderful, scary experience of childhood. I believe that what I saw around me may have shaped the reasons I'm painting today. I recall the screaming fishmongers exchanging goods for cash, the toothless grandmothers, the movie theatres, the musicians, the huge smelly dilapidated buildings with it's human and rodent inhabitants, the gangsters and the mood.

I am pretty much a self-taught painter, always learning and always evolving.

Love Christopher

Price Range

US$ 113-676



Cape Town International Convention Centre



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