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Eileen van der Merwe

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US$ 2,242

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US$ 154

"Golden Pear"
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Golden Pear
US$ 91

"Dancing Fuchsias"
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Dancing Fuchsias
US$ 1,923

"Golden Poppies"
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Golden Poppies
US$ 1,081

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US$ 768

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Eileen van der Merwe

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About Eileen

Eileen van der Merwe

I have had a very unique and unusual life being married to a geologist, living in strange places all over the world. All of this has nothing to do with painting; except that all these unusual life experiences have been imprinted on my canvasses. The rich desert colours, the vibrancy of the tropical flowers; all my paintings communicate my connection to the land and nature. Each place I have lived came with its own struggles and adjustments, sights, sounds, smells, textures, peoples and culture. Painting is my way of getting to know my new environment. My ability to communicate all of this through granular sculptural textures, three dimensional application of paint and striking use of colour makes my work unique. The Arabian Gulf, mountains of Oman, and vast expanses of desert are current themes in the organic landscapes I am currently creating.

Price Range

US$ 91-2,242



More Cafe, Dubai


BA Hons. Africa Studies

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