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Melanie Meyer - City Connections | Abstract Art Art Painting
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Melanie Meyer - "City Connections"

"City Connections"

City Connections
Mixed Media, US$ 815

City Connections

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Mixed Media

W: 700mm x H: 1000mm x D: 30mm
W: 28" x H: 39" x D: 1"

Approx. Weight: 1kg

This work is unframed


US$ 815


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About "City Connections"

All my works are created from a place of meditation and prayerfulness. They are never predetermined. They are created through a process of allowing emergence. I watch and I wait, allowing the colors to merge, to flow and to inform me, as I observe and listen to my inner voice. My artworks always speak of a journey, a voyage, a process that is constantly evolving and revealing new truths. In this and in my most recent works I am specifically "working" with the human connection; how we meet each other, how we can learn so much when we just listen and see ourselves reflected in the responses we are given (as gifts really) from other people. These are truly gifts (even the painful ones of rejection) if we allow ourselves to receive these as such.

Melanie Meyer

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About Melanie

Melanie Meyer

My work represents a deep spiritual connection with Nature and the Universe. Some friends and collectors have described my art as abstract realism; mostly they experience my work with a sense of spirituality. They say; "There is a sense of connecting to something beyond this world." I feel this to be true. Every work process is an experience of unique exploration and a process of discovering and meeting the totally unexpected.

The viewer's experience of my work is one that reflects a feeling of space and mood instead of cognitively recognizing specific places or things: "One gets the sense of other worldly and mystery, something beyond our daily experience." And yet the subject matter is often found in everyday life. The timeless beauty of Mother Nature.

I love colour. I love the emotional content and reflection found in colour. I love exploring with new colour combinations; the endless inspiration again coming from the natural world. I love the fact that my process of art making and colour exploration, being a form of meditation, results in awakening the viewers imagination, giving them the chance to connect with their quiet, contemplative inner self.

Time stops in my world when I enter the art making process. Therein begins a deep healing, an energizing and timeless dreamlike state, induced only by the colour and changing form and texture flowing over the canvas. I watch in awe as colours blend to form new hues and depths, lights and reflections. I watch as new forms emerge and retract, as Beings from other dimensions dance in and out, and on and off my canvas.

At a point, once I have reached that deepest place of trust, I am no longer required to be the observer. I move away from being the guided artist. I am asked to look with new eyes and to respond more intuitively. In this moment I am honored to become the creative servant.

So you can understand then, that these works are not preconceived. I don't re-create images from photographs or "real" landscapes, models or still life; unless perhaps I am practicing my drawing skills. Instead my works are formed and evolve into reality as part of a spiritual and intuitive process.

I believe the greatest masterpiece of all is a life well lived. I wish to live fully and to connect deeply. I wish to be true to my soul. This is my art.

Melanie Meyer, Artist ..... Endlessly, inspired and taught by nature; held and nurtured by God; awakened and guided by Spirit.

Price Range

US$ 78-9,513



SASA Annual Exhibition
Cape Professional Artists Exhibition
CAS Summer Exhibition
AOTS multiple exhibitions

Gallery: Cape Gallery, Cape Town

SASA Both Members Exhibition
CAS Summer Exhibition
AOTS multiple exhibitions
CAS Autumn Exhibition
Cape Professional Artists Exhibition

2015 - 2012
to update


BAS (U.C.T), BArch (U.C.T)

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