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Denica Lottering - Colorful Flowers | Abstract Art Fine Art
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Denica Lottering - "Colorful Flowers "

"Colorful Flowers "

Colorful Flowers
Mixed Media, US$ 409

Colorful Flowers

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Mixed Media
Acrylic and enamel

W: 841mm x H: 594mm x D: 24mm
W: 33" x H: 23" x D: 1"

Approx. Weight: 3kg

This work is unframed


US$ 409


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About "Colorful Flowers "

A beautiful, large artwork of colorful flowers painted in an expressive, bold way. An original painted entirely from memory (no reference picture). The texture makes it look like an oil painting and gives the painting movement.
A wonderful mixture of vibrant colors - reds, pinks, yellows and oranges, greens and even a bright blue. The off-white background looks stunning against any wall.
This is one of my most coveted pieces, I hope it makes it into your home.
It leaves one feeling refreshed and truly happy and excited.
It's a mixed media of acrylic and enamel, a true artist grabs whatever is close-by to get what is in their head and heart, onto the canvas.
This is done on a stretched canvas, it can however be taken off the frame and rolled. I would prefer not to do this though. I have seen some poorly re-stretched canvases.

Denica Lottering

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About Denica

Denica Lottering

Denica Lottering is a self-taught artist. She discovered her love for art at a very young age. She expresses herself in a bold, unconventional way. She likes to explore all kinds of subject fields, the human face being her favorite. She aims to capture emotion and feeling in her artworks, using impressionistic, bold strokes and colors.
She lives in Cape Town, South Africa.
"Art is all around us, it is in us. We are art. What is not art?"

Price Range

US$ 89-454



Local Art TV show 2017

Art for all art exhibition 2018

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