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Riana van Staden - Dark Space | Abstract Art World Art
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Riana van Staden - "Dark Space"

"Dark Space"

Dark Space
Acrylic, US$ 137

Dark Space

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W: 500mm x H: 500mm x D: 100mm
W: 20" x H: 20" x D: 4"

Approx. Weight: 3.5kg

This work is unframed


US$ 137


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About "Dark Space"

Dark space is an acrylic abstract painting. 4 small paintings to be sold as a unit.

Riana van Staden

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About Riana

Riana van Staden

I love to create and express myself by creating art. I love to paint landscapes
and seascapes and recently started painting abstracts. I love purple! I love vibrant colors and most of the time use bold colors, specially in my abstract paintings.

I am also a travel and landscape photographer for the past ten years.

Price Range

US$ 62-319



15 - 25 March 2016 Artexpertise, Florence Italy

20 February - 2 March 2016 Galeria Atelier Geraldes da Silva, Portugal

20 February - 2 March 2016 Galleria Velasquez, Milan, Italy

6 - 30 January 2016 Janette Kennedy Gallery Dallas, Texas USA

28 - 31 January 2016 - Innsbruck Art Fair, Austria

10 - 27 November 2015 Artexpertise, Florence, Italy

11- 18 September 2015 Exhibition at Castello Di Populonia, Tuscany

5 - 30 September 2015 Exhibition with my son in Florence Italy. Atelier d'Arte, via Pisana 305, 50143, Firenze

28 July - 4 August 2015 Galerie Artes, 11 Rue Frederic Sauton Paris 75005, France

1-8 July 2015 Merlino Bottega d'Arte via delle Vecchie Carcerri snd, 50100, Firenze, Italy

13 - 26 June 2015 Galleria Mentana, Piazza Mentana 2, 50100, Firenze, Italy

1- 30 June 2015 - Artexpertise, Florence, Italy

6-15 June 2015 Merlino Bottega d'Arte, Florence Italy

7 - 17 June 2015 Artexpertise, Galleria d'Arte, Florence, Italy

21 - 31 March 2015 Artexpertise, Galleria d'Arte, Florence, Italy

18 March - 4 April 2015 Merlino Bottega d'Arte, Florence, Italy Less

Palette Art Gallery - Jeffreys Bay
Muses Ladies Event - Reflections


Class with Richard Rennie, Neil Moss and American artist Dreama

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