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Lee Hutton - Emotional Spectrum | Other Art Art Painting
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Lee Hutton - "Emotional Spectrum"

"Emotional Spectrum"

Emotional Spectrum
Other, US$ 971

Emotional Spectrum

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W: 410mm x H: 410mm x D: 160mm
W: 16" x H: 16" x D: 6"

Approx. Weight: 9kg

This work is unframed


US$ 971


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Glass Plates

About "Emotional Spectrum"

Emotional spectrum is my way of representing color as an interpretation of emotion. One can choose a favorite color or emotion, but you cannot have the one without the other. Color plays a huge role in my life. It affects my emotional state and my functionality, as I am sure it does with every human being on some level or another as well. This is a set of functional plates made from bullseye glass. It can be used as a pure aesthetic art work as well. It comes with the option of being sold as plates, or attached to the white board as is presented in the picture and ready for hanging on a wall. The dimensions stated above refer to the plates when stacked, excluding the board.

Lee Hutton

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About Lee

I am inspired by everyday happenings in my life and as a result of this it is impossible for me to work in one media alone, because no two days or two events are alike and thus no two works can be alike. Each and every work that I undertake is based on one or another theme and I am sure that these can relate to someone some where. I aim to please the eye with my work, as life is short and I am a firm believer that it is important to be surrounded by beauty, especially in our current chaotic world.

Price Range

US$ 76-1,032



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Tswane University of Technology

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