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Liezel Luneburg - Fish of a Shape | Abstract Art Modern Art
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Liezel Luneburg - "Fish of a Shape"

"Fish of a Shape"

Fish of a Shape
Pen and Ink, US$ 282

Fish of a Shape

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Pen and Ink
Pen and ink on Fabriano Bristol paper

W: 460mm x H: 460mm x D: 30mm
W: 18" x H: 18" x D: 1"

Approx. Weight: 2.5kg

This work is framed (but can be supplied either framed or unframed)


US$ 282


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Mandala 11

About "Fish of a Shape"

The dimensions are of the framed work.

Birds of a feather. Fish of a shape. Humans love to spend time with others of the same background, social standing, religion, opinion, race, and intellect. Do you sense the monotony, the same shapes, the fish eternally swimming in a circle - oblivious to diversity and creative differences? Inspired by my love for Escher.

Liezel Luneburg

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About Liezel

Liezel Luneburg

The creation of a mandala is a spiritual journey, a search for meaning and purpose. The finished artwork is a window to the soul and exposes subtle footprints of the artist's emotional struggles, search for meaning and spiritual well-being.

The word "mandala" could mean both "circle" and "centre" and signifies the inner core of existence as well as the different internal and external factors influencing the creator's life.

I create mandalas for many reasons of which some is not "by the book". One is a deep, lifelong fascination with circles and geometric shapes and constructions. Sometimes I am acutely aware of the fact that my whole existence is composed of circles and curves and every single day I stand in awe of Fibonacci and his golden ratio which is obsessively apparent in creation. Every single one of my mandalas is born as a geometric construction - even if it is only a simple circle within a circle, divided into precise segments.

After the initial construction in pencil, I start filling in the details with black as well as coloured pens and paint dots. Unlike many other mandala-artists, I start in the centre and work towards the perimeter.

Mandalas seem to be excellent teachers: I am a perfectionist in many ways and drawing mandalas has made me intensely and painfully aware of my own inability to create perfection.

An attempt to master extreme patience and concentration is part of the journey and probably a road I will stay on until this life ends, never acquiring flawless precision.

Well, it has certainly taught me that there is great truth in the standing phrase "more haste, less speed". It also teaches the use of personal symbols and constantly makes me aware of those things which are important to my wellbeing.

A mandala is a work of patience and sometimes frustration and the constant urge to give up hope of getting it just right.

For me, finishing a mandala is a personal accomplishment.

Price Range

US$ 282-429



Innibos National Arts Festival-art exhibition, 2017
Innibos National Arts Festival Craft Awards-exhibition, 2018
White River Gallery


Doctor of Laws

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