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David Chobokoane - Giya (War Dance) | Traditional Art Fine Art
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David Chobokoane - "Giya (War Dance)"

"Giya (War Dance)"

Giya (War Dance)
Oil on Board, US$ 585

Giya (War Dance)

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Oil on Board

W: 1200mm x H: 1000mm
W: 47" x H: 39"

This work is unframed


US$ 585


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About "Giya (War Dance)"

DESCRIPTION: It’s a Zulu word (South African Language) that means war dance. This dance only occurred when the king was given his powers by his people and enemies in joint venture.
I entitled this oil painting under a lot of confusion because it describes itself. Apart from war dance, it’s emphasized and based on AIDS ( Acquired Immune Deficient Syndrome), poverty, alleviation etc.

If these enemies are neglected, our world will be destroyed. Who can stop this? Our beloved leaders with their provocative minds. Who are those leaders? Their characters are seen through their facial appearances.

(top from left):

NELSON MANDELA: First Black South African President, the man who sacrificed his life to see democracy in South Africa. He is regarded as a man of peace around the world, and symbolizes it the children with love globally.

WALTER SISULU: Rivonia trial prisoner, the man who was jailed with Nelson Mandela in Robben Island and with the others. He is regarded as a symbol of laughter, happiness and a best dancer.

ROBERT MUGABE: Selfishness and abandonment is a power and appearance of him. President of Zimbabwe whom his people are dying from poverty, because they are given what they don’t deserve. He is regarded as a symbol of betrayal.

SADDAM HUSSEIN: Iraq President, the man who is accused by the U.S. government for weapons of mass destruction. He is regarded as a dangerous man towards his people.

KOFI ANAN: U.N. (United Nations) Secretary General, he was neglected by the U.S. to interfere with the U.S. Iraq invasion. His duties are to make sure that there is peace and unity around the world.

NKOSI JOHNSON: Child orphan who was born being HIV positive. He never got to know his biological mother because she had died from AIDS. He never dreamt of the future only knew he was facing death. He is regarded as a symbol of braveness due to his words of sorrow, “HIV and AIDS kills.”

(below form left):

LUCIANO PAVAROTTI AND BONO: They are singers, worlds best turners. They made a fund raising concert for the refugees of Bosnia and even the construction of Iraq after war. They are regarded as the men of charity towards people living in poverty as a result of war.

GEORGE W. BUSH: U.S. President, the man who is leading a state of wealth with a strong currency. The state that is ruling the world by its own power, development, successfulness etc. He is regarded as a man of his own words, and makes sure that the enemy gets destroyed.

OSAMA BIN LADEN: Very rich man, he is accused of the 11th September 2001 plane crash onto the New York’s twin towers. The man of his own mind and known as a terrorist. He is regarded as mastermind and a fugitive.

Once we join those leaders in “GIYA”, by their role and characters, individually we can find that any virus which is destroying our world can be cured, but if we neglect “GIYA”, it will be a disaster knowing one will never talk about the future. Let us make our wishes come true before our enemy wipes out our planet.


David Chobokoane

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About David

David Chobokoane

David started painting from his early ages, in a small town called Tweespruit in the Free State Province. In 1991 he joined Father Frans Claerhout (worlds best known artist) art studio situated in Tweespruit, for skills and experience in art work.

David went through a lot of challenges, planning to draw stunning and unique style of his collection using oil paint and pastels. He now enjoys selling his art-work world wide as a reward

Price Range

US$ 585-585


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