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Leopold Senekal - Oracle | Abstract Art Modern Art
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Leopold Senekal - "Oracle"


Oil on Canvas, US$ 708


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Oil on Canvas

W: 400mm x H: 500mm x D: 20mm
W: 16" x H: 20" x D: 1"

This work is unframed


US$ 708


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Leopold Senekal

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About Leopold

Leopold Senekal

My work allows me to explore and delve, search and discover my personal truths, and that of the world and times I live in. It allows me to turn my world, my being and my psyche inside out, and permits me to express in its purest form, the fundamental essence of everything that evokes an undeniable urge inside me to capture, create, translate and express in a highly abstracted mode. My work is created in layers. Each layer telling its essential part of a story. I'm deeply interested in the process, especially how colours fuse, migrate, spill, align, sometimes reject and sometimes comply through the manipulation of a simple brush. Like a great debate, each layer contributes to a discussion. I love the expression "watching paint dry" of my favourite pass times... As the paint dries and cure like old scars, the textures leave the intrinsic traces of the process., each layer compliments, hides, introduces, expels, invites, initiates and collide with the next. My work thus resists formal stylistic categorisation, but it can be clustered around a basic inclination or emphasis on dynamic and energetic gesture, in contrast to a purely reflective, cerebral focus. A story unfolds on the canvass through the process, with each layer and coat applied, the plot thickens... each character of colour plays its essential part and only when all the layers have settled and the paint has finally dried, does my work come to conclusion. I aim to create work that evoke a silent narrative, one that entices the viewer to become part of it, like a chance encounter with fate, something that can't ever be unseen, the viewer's participation then becomes part of the tale... the myth, that saga which lingers in us all, part of my story becomes part of yours, and somehow in the grand design of space and time the exchange of narratives are recorded and becomes part of a never ending process of all that we call life.

Price Range

US$ 283-2,657



B.Dram. Hons. University of Stellenbosch

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