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Paul Dames

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"Still Life 1"
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Still Life 1
US$ 464

"Uvongo Beach"
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Uvongo Beach
US$ 82

"Hibiscus in Full Bloom"
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Hibiscus in Full Bloom
US$ 85

"Bridge at Uvongo Lagoon"
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Bridge at Uvongo Lagoon
US$ 92

"Luke Rowing at St Michael's Lagoon"
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Luke Rowing at St Michael's Lagoon
US$ 89

"A Day of Fun in the Sun"
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A Day of Fun in the Sun
US$ 92

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US$ 78

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Paul Dames

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About Paul

Paul Dames

To me art is an extension of the existing creation, which is my contribution. As artist we individually interpret what our Creator has already produced, leaving traces of our own souls in these works. Therefore art becomes a means of swapping our glasses by which we view the world.
As a Christian, who happens to love and appreciate God’s beautiful creation, I desire to capture aspects of His invisible power at work within His creation.

For this purpose, landscape often becomes a choice subject for me. Launching into the wild with my camera, I look for the one new scene where a message comes together, where lines converge to communicate with me. Once I have a basic signal, my paint-brush is ready to work with it, and to merge into that expression a new idea.

Most of the action landscapes I have painted have been done while I’m listening to music, especially to that of Gustav Mahler. His music seems to fit in very well with what I’m doing. And then there is also the music of Mozart and others. Being a writer of music myself, I find that music is very closely linked to my art – even inseparable. Like music, my art contains movement that expresses mysteries of life, hope and joy, inviting my viewers to see and venture beyond the natural – to find God.

It is my wish that these paintings will inspire and refresh you.

Price Range

US$ 78-987



First solo exhibition was 1995 in Port Elizabeth. Further 2 exhibitions followed in Pietermaritzburg.


Fine Art diploma & Teaching diploma

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