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Yolande Stewart Havenga

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"The Red Rose"
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The Red Rose
US$ 492

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US$ 356

"Woman Painting 2"
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Woman Painting 2
US$ 182

"Patchwork Painting"
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Patchwork Painting
US$ 273

"Woman Painting 1"
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Woman Painting 1
US$ 182

"What if..."
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What if...
US$ 474

"Malachite Kingfisher"
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Malachite Kingfisher
US$ 109

"SA History I (Die Siener/Prophet)"
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SA History I (Die Siener/Prophet)
US$ 305

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US$ 109

"The Horsey Painting"
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The Horsey Painting
US$ 182

"Oil Painting Materials"
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Oil Painting Materials
US$ 347

"Hubby's Preserves"
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Hubby's Preserves
US$ 347

"Garlic on a String"
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Garlic on a String
US$ 109

"The Gift"
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The Gift
US$ 164

"Bottled Confinement"
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Bottled Confinement
US$ 255

"A Shelf in My Pantry"
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A Shelf in My Pantry
US$ 347

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Yolande Stewart Havenga

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About Yolande

Yolande Stewart Havenga

Yolande Havenga (Stewart). Born in 1975. Grew up on a farm in the Klein Karoo. Resided near Mossel Bay for 15 years, relocated back to the family farm with my animals: horses, ponies, cattle and other pets. Owner of a private horse sanctuary/rescue and Perdeskool where I teach horse riding, train horses, etc. Currently also the owner of an online jewellery and accessories store, where I also have some of my paintings listed for sale.
Started painting in 1997, completed a distance learning College Diploma, which taught me the basics of art(2001). Thereafter self-taught. Completed a BA Health Sciences and Social Services in 2004 with Psychology and Criminology as my major subjects. I sometimes do volunteer work, consultations on crime prevention, psychological counselling, etc. Currently studying Art History 3rd year (UNISA). My paintings are a reflection of my everyday life, my reality, I like to paint genre paintings (everyday life scenes). I paint people (portraits), animals (pet portraits) and wildlife, objects and places I know and care for. My paintings are sometimes influenced by books that I have read or issues that are on my mind. My paintings, especially my still lifes usually tell a story,or, like the 17th century Dutch paintings I try to use objects as symbols to teach a moral lesson, for example, my painting of Bacchus and Bottled confinement, warning against the danger of alcoholism. My history paintings are also filled with a lot of emotion, stories, etc, although only appealing to a small audience. I do commissions for clients, which include pet portraits, family portraits, landscapes, still lifes etc
Some of my interests and hobbies:
Music (listening and playing piano)
Art and painting
Animal Health
Member of Southern Cape Association for the Visual Arts (SCAVA)

Price Range

US$ 54-593



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