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Bella Koen - United We Stand!!! | Contemporary Art Original Art
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Bella Koen - "United We Stand!!!"

"United We Stand!!!"

United We Stand!!!
Oil on Canvas, US$ 933

United We Stand!!!

Sorry but this work has already been sold. may be willing to undertake a commission.

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Oil on Canvas

W: 1000mm x H: 1000mm x D: 400mm
W: 39" x H: 39" x D: 16"

Approx. Weight: 3.5kg

This work is unframed


US$ 933 SOLD


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About "United We Stand!!!"

nelson mandela whom i love and admire,suffered in jail for 27 years,delarey died trying to get his people some peace and a sense of belonging-ultimately that is what they suffered for, that is all we all want-no crime, a safe country to build our nation,to weave a multi-coloured rope to bind us together as south africans,the multi coloured bricks signifying that which we should build for the future, our children,and their children-the dove is the peace,the olive branch the promise ,the red cross signifies a new beginning for our beloved country and her rich and vibrant colourful,multi-talented people-ubunye,united,staan saam,for we truly live in a land bursting with all of that-talent,colour,many cultures,sunshine,rich earth,and the capacity to be more powerful everyday,but only,only if we stand together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bella Koen

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About Bella

Bella Koen

Life inspires me,life is a painting,bright beautiful passionate!!!!! Art is not about rules, art is a feeling: the feeling you get each time you look at a piece!
My passion and inspiration comes from life, love, motherhood and the people of my African roots!everyday holds a new painting-seasons of our lives come and go!everchanging!!!!!!i have seen the world as a ca for saa -have had a stint in pr,but painting and art is my first love -

Each painting, sketch, drawing is an extension of me, comes from my heart, and what I feel at that moment. Each one tells a story! or the story of others- that affects who I am and what I stand for!

The rich and vibrant colours and cultures of our African people, the many different stories to tell make for infinity of things to just catch on canvas, paper or walls!love spending time outdoors-nature is AMAZING-vibrant colourful,the root of all of life!!!!!!!

Art should give you a warm feeling!! It should take you on a little magic carpet ride!!!!

Price Range

US$ 64-933



kuhne-boekkooi,port elizabeth,cuylerstreet gallery,private exhibits,nieu bethesda


Port Elizabeth and Bloemfontein

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