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Harriet Jameson Pellizzari

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"Sultan Nibulus"
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Sultan Nibulus
US$ 640

"Bronze in Blue"
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Bronze in Blue
US$ 407

"Hair Salon Joe Slova"
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Hair Salon Joe Slova
US$ 221

"Gypsy Silver"
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Gypsy Silver
US$ 291

"Table Talk"
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Table Talk
US$ 524

"Malema Graffiti"
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Malema Graffiti
US$ 407

"STOLEN - A Walk in the Park"
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STOLEN - A Walk in the Park
US$ 407

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US$ 122

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US$ 64

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US$ 64

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US$ 64

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US$ 234

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US$ 291

"Station Road"
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Station Road
US$ 291

"Cassiem Corner Shop, Woodstock"
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Cassiem Corner Shop, Woodstock
US$ 343

"Pebble Beach"
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Pebble Beach
US$ 407

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Harriet Jameson Pellizzari

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About Harriet

Harriet Jameson Pellizzari

Paintings for sale available at Burgerstuben Restaurant - Exams - Innsbruck - AUSTRIA Art Innsbruck Avocet Cape Town Villa - Cape Town SA - Artist Studio Angerweg 4 - Mieming Plateau - 6414 Austria - Artist Studio Durbanville Hills Cape Town Kirstenbosch Gardens Cape Town Nostalgic Bahnhofstrasse - Seefeld - Austria Secial ART holidays with ACRYLIC or WATER Colour painting courses can be arranged and held in Batik Hungary in the SPA and WINELAND area close to BALATON or in CAPE TOWN. All those interested should contact me to make it happen.

Price Range

US$ 64-1,746



Please Note Kirstenbosch Extravaganza Watercolour Exhibition till 26th May 2011
Durbanville Hills till 23rd May 2011
Current Exhibitions - Die B├╝rgerstuben Restaurant AXAMS Innsbruck Austria. Open from 17Uhr daily. (Ruhetag Montag)
All welcome.
Friday, 6th November, 2007, 19uhr, Exhibition Erotica and Golf -
Mieming Plateau, Hotel Post, 6414. re-opening First Jubilee Mieming
Other Exhibitions were in Maxwoods, German Club,Proffessor Barnard La Vita Restaurant Newlands,Cape Town, South Africa,Bertrand Kass Gallery, Casino, Congress Halle, Tirolerkunstlerbunt, Innsbruck,Burgerstube Restaurant- Axams, Mesnerhaus, Hotel Schwarz,Mieming Plateau,Nostalgi - Seefeld,Gallery Hosp -Nassereith, Telfes and Vienna in Austria,Zalaber- Batyk Zala District Hungary HU., Velesin and Lisov near Ceski Krumlov CZ.
Obergurgl Soelden 1/3/2007 with Michael Tchuggnal STAR MANIA winner to play for us and all in the Kunstbogen Telfs Austria
Lana Meran Italy 11/5/2007 - 3/6/2007 Kunstboegen Telfes
Lust und Liebe Kr├Ânen Zeitung Tickle My Fancy and Taxi
Up coming Exhibition Obergurgl Exhibition Hall Opening 14th - 17th February 2008 Free entrit All welcome


Graphic design at Michaelis School of art Cape Town University

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