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Marie Theron

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"Bokkom Ode to Delauney I"
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Bokkom Ode to Delauney I
US$ 63

"Bokkom Ode to Delauney II"
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Bokkom Ode to Delauney II
US$ 63

"Bokkom Ode to Delauney III"
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Bokkom Ode to Delauney III
US$ 63

"Bokkom Lane Blues 1"
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Bokkom Lane Blues 1
US$ 70

"Bokkom Lane Blues 2"
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Bokkom Lane Blues 2
US$ 70

"Bokkom Lane Blues 3"
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Bokkom Lane Blues 3
US$ 70

"Girl Running"
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Girl Running
US$ 690

"Girl in an Orange Dress"
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Girl in an Orange Dress
US$ 151

"The Old Fruit Seller"
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The Old Fruit Seller
US$ 690

"Mother and Daughter"
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Mother and Daughter
US$ 376

"Island Children"
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Island Children
US$ 941

"Masai Mother and Son"
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Masai Mother and Son
US$ 941

"Masai Mom II"
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Masai Mom II
US$ 314

"Kelp Harvesting"
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Kelp Harvesting
US$ 502

"Masai Mom I"
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Masai Mom I
US$ 314

"Girl in a White Skirt"
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Girl in a White Skirt
US$ 125

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Marie Theron

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About Marie

Marie Theron

South African Marie Theron (b. 1944) was trained as an Art Teacher. She has held solo exhibitions both locally and overseas, and has participated in exclusive group exhibitions. Investors in her oil and acrylic works range from foreign embassies, corporate offices, guesthouses, libraries, hospitals and international private collectors. Her work has sold in Australia, Britain, Canada, Croatia, Ireland, Hungary, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and the USA (more than 30 paintings in America) She was commissioned by the Ass of Arts Pretoria, the Croatian Embassy and Academia Cravatica in Zagreb to submit a painting "Sister Power" for "The Challenge of the Tie", a world-touring permanent exhibition which toured Pretoria, Johannesburg, Brussels, Prague and Brazilia in 2005 and further around the globe in 2006.

In 2018 Marie will become part of The Saunter, the Durban answer to Midlands Meander.

Price Range

US$ 57-941



Protea Valley: 14/09/01-30/09/01
Budapest: 17/06/02-28/06/02
Lindy van Niekerk Gallery: 25-31 Aug 2002
Old Town House Museum: 15 April 2004
Sandton Civic Gallery: 20 Apr - 4 May 2004
Embassy of Croatia, Consular room: 5 May -5 Aug 2004
ART IN THE ATTIC, Simone's in Darling 28 Aug -24 Sept 2009
Cupcakes en Kaapse Kuns Silver Lakes Pretoria 11 Sept 2010
1-14 Aug 2013: Can You Hear the Drums with Tatyana Binovskaya and Mart Leeuwner at ART LOVERS 1932 , Long Street, Pretoria
19 September 2015: "FRESH" an exhibition of works Marie Theron and Yvette Beneke at Grotto Bay Estate.
3 November 2016 Kanonkop Exhibition with Yvette Beneke
Feb 2017 Eartherapy exhibition Pretoria
27 March 2017 Beachgallery Melkbosstrand
25 May 2017 Pampoenhuis Langebaa.

Lindy van Niekerk Gallery 6-13 Oct 2002
Africa Day Budapest 18 Oct 2002
Budapest:19-31 Oct 2002
Voëlklip, Hermanus: 17-23 Dec 2002
Lindy van Niekerk Gallery: 2-15 Mar 2003
Lindy van Niekerk 14-21 Sept 2003
Lindy van Niekerk 12-25 Oct 2003
Voëlklip, Hermanus: 16-23 Des 2003
Studio d'Art: 8-10 Jan 2004
Studio d'Art: 19 Feb 2004
Lindy van Niekerk Gallery: 11 Mar 2004
Eduardo Villa Gallery, Pretoria 6-15 April 2005
Gordart Gallery, Melville, Jhb 17-28 April 2005
aRt 27 Exhibition, Grotto Bay 26-30 April 2007
Yzerfontein Art in the Country Experience 24-25 Nov 2007
Darling Museum, Darling 1-28 Feb 2008
Darling Art Gallery Birthday Exhibition April 2008
2009 An ongoing exhibition at Lelieblom Farm
2010 A Slice of Life Exhibition Liebrecht Gallery, Somerset West
2010 Darling "Angels Exhibition" 20 Nov - 31 Dec
2012 Hopefield opening of Perels en Pampoene Gallery
2012 Goedverwacht Museum,curated by AntheA Delmotte 22-23 June.
2012 Perels en Pampoene Gallery Hopefield: Seasonal Movements 6 July - 31 July
21-24 September Darling and Surrounding Areas in the Springtime at the Darling Wildflower Show
Miniature Group Exhibition at Art Lovers 1932 Gallery Pretoria 22 May 2014
Klein Werke Uitstalling. Art B Gallery, Bellvile Mei 2014

2002 Budapest, Permanent collection of the South African Embassy, Budapest, Hungary
Collection of the President of Croatia
2004 Gallery Cravatica, Zagreb, Croatia, "Sister Power" is part of the permanent exhibition of this gallery


Normaalkollege Pretoria ( NKP)

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