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Anna Jacobs

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"I am She"
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I am She
US$ 501

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US$ 228

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US$ 729

"Tip Toe Reflections"
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Tip Toe Reflections
US$ 319

"Street Dancer"
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Street Dancer
US$ 228

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US$ 201

"Swartberge "
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US$ 319

"Joy Ride"
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Joy Ride
US$ 109

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Anna Jacobs

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About Anna

Anna Jacobs

Anna Jacobs paints under the name AnnaJ. She was born in April 1977. As child and young adult, she always created with her hands. Being creative is what her soul needs to keep on living. In 2019 on 1 April, she quit her job to pursue a calling to work full-time in ministry at a Christian Rehabilitation Centre.

This is here, in October 2019 where she embarked on arts classes from Claudi Orlandini-Pira until June 2023 where after she continued on her own. She was exposed to all mediums ranging from graphite pencil, colour pencil, mixed mediums, pen, acrylic, charcoal, oil, food colouring and watercolour. By this time, she already used AnnaJ as Photographer as well as broadcaster on FM Gospel's weekly, Lief en Leef with AnnaJ for the rehabilitation centre for two years. So, when it came to her artist's name, AnnaJ was the obvious choice. Artists that inspire me is Cecile Desserle, Maria, and my friend Christelle Robbetze who specialises in Prophetic Paintings. Rici Allison, after attending one of her arts classes, is also a big inspiration. Some of her artworks are currently on display at Roodeplaat Art Gallery and she has sold around 15 - 20 paintings. She does commissions, portraits, abstracts, and various other works embarking on the Journey to find her own style.

Price Range

US$ 109-729



October 2022 - Student Exhibition - Phoenix Art Studio
July 2023 - 28 Degrees East Art Exhibition
August 2023 - Current - Roodeplaat Art Gallery
February 2024 - 28 Degrees East Art Exhibition
March 2024 - Art Fair - Afrifrans, Delectus Manor


No Art Education

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