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Brett Neves

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"Escaping Lebombo"
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Escaping Lebombo
US$ 4,140

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Brett Neves

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About Brett

Brett Neves

Born in what was then Rhodesia, in 1977, my entire childhood was literally in the bush and on the banks of the Zambezi. If it wasn[0x1]t elephants eating the thatch off our roof, and drinking out the pool while we were swimming, then it was lion and Hyaena trying to eat their way through the chicken mesh windows of our abode.
Moving to Richards Bay on the KZN North Coast in the late [0x1]80[0x1]s... subsequent to the devastation of Tropical Cyclone Demoina, brought a whole new perspective to the [0x1]tame[0x1] south! The town was literally a sweltering, sub-tropical swamp, infested with sharks and crocodiles (in the same bodies of water)... and often, a late night gallivant, would cross paths with a grazing hippo.

The flora and fauna of Africa have had a profound effect on my life and my artistic expression has always depicted it, in whatever medium was at my disposal at that time, from Tempestuous cumuliform in oils, to sketched illustrations in a biographical novel, but it[0x1]s in the dexterity of freeform sculpture that my heart lies.

It was due to this fascination of 3D space, that directed my career path into the digital sector, and into 3D Animation. My entire world was focused around 25 frames per second, and the slightest movement, captured and rendered out graphically, revealing what lay between [0x1]A & B[0x1]. It [0x1]s this snapshot in time, that is the main focus to my expression and the integral part of my sculpture.

Ten years in the industry, came to an abrupt end with the world recession and the chance reconnection to my past, but this time one step further[0x1] to bronze.

Price Range

US$ 4,140-4,140



Digital Graphic Design - 3D Animation

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