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Hanli de Lange

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"Where the Sky meets the Earth"
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Where the Sky meets the Earth
US$ 644

"Solids and Liquids"
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Solids and Liquids
US$ 607

"St. Francis"
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St. Francis
US$ 1,009

"Water for a Sailor"
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Water for a Sailor
US$ 824

"More Than A Mirage"
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More Than A Mirage
US$ 866

"Dark Heart"
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Dark Heart
US$ 379

"When Things Get Complicated"
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When Things Get Complicated
US$ 623

"A Dreamer's Profile"
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A Dreamer's Profile
US$ 642

"Pushing Through"
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Pushing Through
US$ 856

"Nearing Dawn"
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Nearing Dawn
US$ 623

"Flaming Fields"
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Flaming Fields
US$ 629

"Vortex No8"
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Vortex No8
US$ 865

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Hanli de Lange

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About Hanli

Hanli de Lange

I live and work as a full time artist in the Eastern Free State, South Africa, taking my inspiration from many things including the beauty of the surrounding landscape. Although I have worked in a variety of styles, I find abstraction to be the most satisfying. I rarely begin a painting with a preconceived idea, but rather paint intuitively and let the painting develop its own storyline. By using the visual language of colour, form and line I create a composition which may exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the world.

I work primarily in acrylics and love to create canvases that have a vivid and lively quality. Pure colour is my muse. My work often pulsates with a combination of primary and mixed colour of bold line, shape and texture on canvas. With these artistic elements I instil my personal experiences into my paintings that are all revelations of my innermost self.
My work represents feelings and special places that have caught my imagination and stirred deep felt emotions inside of me. They are often an emotional response to people and circumstance, or an expression of our beautiful world. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Price Range

US$ 379-1,009



Post Graduate Degree in Corporate Communication / Graphic Design

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