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John Schaefer

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"Conceptualisation of pedestrians"
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Conceptualisation of pedestrians
US$ 579

"The Carriage"
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The Carriage
US$ 637

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US$ 753

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John Schaefer

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About John

John Schaefer

Born in Berlin Germany on 7 December 1943
[0x1] Went to military academy at the age of 14 [0x1] 18
[0x1] Became a Chemical engineer but always had a keen interest in the visual arts.
[0x1] Graduated at the [0x1]Fryer University of Berlin[0x1] in Fine Art Studies.
[0x1] Left for South Africa and worked as a chemical engineer.
[0x1] Then moved to South West Africa where he started practicing his art in a full time capacity.
[0x1] John has been active in the market for thirty years.
[0x1] He was greatly influenced by a Mexican Artists [0x1]Gregiera[0x1]. And have gleaned from the talents of Masters around the world.
[0x1] John was trained in all mediums and expressions and surfaces.
[0x1] His preference in style of art is surrealism; cubism; and the conceptualization of subject matters derived from figures; landscapes; objects; street scenes and many other images that has inspired him through his international travels.
[0x1] John[0x1]s broad based talent allows him to satisfy and understand diverse client requirements and has never had a refused commission in 30 years of practice.
[0x1] He has had commissions to paint old masters from the 16Th to 19th century; backdrops in theatrical productions; Murals and very large works on Canvas; commissions to capture Icons of various cultures such as the Greek[0x1]s ; Egyptians; and Concepts of old Bushmen paintings.
[0x1] Art collectors that have commissioned John have been from Canada; Italy; Germany; USA; and Japan. John has gleaned from these experiences by living in countries abroad to widen his perceptions and develop the depth of Creative skill.
[0x1] He also has a number of paintings in corporate environments. The nature of the paintings are not pegged to any era and generally gives one the impression of a [0x1]timeless enjoyment [0x1] that will be appreciated for many years.
[0x1] Works are displayed at the New York Stock Exchange; The JP Morgan Bank; in the USA and South Africa.
[0x1] Johns Exhibitions have been on a private Placement and personal invitation basis. Some of the international exhibitions by Galleries in Milan and Germany was sold out promptly.
[0x1] If you had to put John[0x1]s art into a category; the closest you will be able to get is a uniqueness in his style of Conceptualization and Abstraction with a very distinct [0x1]signature[0x1] that identifies John Schaefer , the Artist with a brand that is intellectual; well planned in its composition; strong in it[0x1]s colors yet flexible enough to be [0x1]custom created[0x1] to fit into a milieu that will cause the context and the art to harmonize with the satisfied client.
[0x1] John works mainly on commission so customers can be assured of an Authentic Original; personalized to the customers specifications yet maintaining his uniqueness[0x1] as an artist.
[0x1] The consistent demand for John[0x1]s art through the 30 years of international exposure; a client base with return orders; referrals; linked with John[0x1]s intuitive talent to continue to produce what his market desires ; makes his art a worthy investment that can only appreciate over time.

Price Range

US$ 579-753


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