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Mbongeni Naphtal Mhlongo

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"Ballet Dancers"
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Ballet Dancers
US$ 456

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US$ 571

"Colour of Rain"
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Colour of Rain
US$ 571

"Jazzy Blues"
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Jazzy Blues
US$ 571

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US$ 571

"Ghetto Street Dance"
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Ghetto Street Dance
US$ 913

"City of Rock"
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City of Rock
US$ 742

"Shosholoza Meyl"
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Shosholoza Meyl
US$ 913

"Zulu Country Life"
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Zulu Country Life
US$ 571

"Music in the Garden"
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Music in the Garden
US$ 685 650

"Lovers Den"
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Lovers Den
US$ 1,084

"Flamenco Dancer"
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Flamenco Dancer
US$ 685

"Zulu Dancer III"
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Zulu Dancer III
US$ 1,141

"Drummer Girl"
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Drummer Girl
US$ 399

"The Jazz Club"
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The Jazz Club
US$ 571

"Zulu Dancer II"
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Zulu Dancer II
US$ 399 359

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Mbongeni Naphtal Mhlongo

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About Mbongeni Naphtal

Mbongeni Naphtal Mhlongo

Born and studied in Durban KZN, and now live in Johannesburg. He started art at an informal art school where he first learned how to paint, and enrolled for a full course in art and design afterwards. His subject matter is often diverse but mostly derived from life. The body of his work reality merged with abstract elements that ad life and energy to his visuals

Price Range

US$ 57-1,369



*1995 - Group Exhibition at African Art Centre
*1996 - Solo Exhibition at African Art Centre
*1999 - Group Exhibition at NSA
*2000 - Group Exhibition at the BAG conference opening
*2002 - Ndabuko Art Gallery
*2003 - Botanical Gardens open air exhibition
*2005 - Art In the Park Pietermaritzburg
*Artists Under the Sun (participated in members exhibition from 2008-2014
*Magnolia Dell (October 2012)
IDC Gallery


National Diploma in Graphic Design

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