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Musawenkosi Nkosi

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"Zonke'zizwe "
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Musawenkosi Nkosi

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About Musawenkosi

Musawenkosi Nkosi

From a young age making toy cars from recycled bottles and wire just like other kids, I became inspired by all the scrapheap and recyclables at my father's recycling company and how I can use it to create collage art works.
I am a South African based self-taught artist whose paintings aim to convey a narrative of the emotions, fragility, beauty and ever-changing nature of life, from my own personal experiences of living in a diverse country as South Africa.
Through my work i find and express emotions shared by many people in the country, especially those living in mainstream society. My role as a struggle artist naturally turns to one of charting the dramatic social and political developments in post-apartheid South Africa, addressing issues of crime, greed, poverty, corruption and government accountability in the new South Africa.
Political and social incident motivates me to visit my father's recycling company where I spend the days meticulously selecting every detail for my art works.
Scouring the scrapheaps and recyclables for discarded objects, a creative obsession evolved into recycling the waste of society into a powerful and thought-provoking platinum for social injustice political oppression and poverty.
The Raw materials used represent the act of survival while the texture stresses questions of identity within society. I use materials of different sizes and textures in a aim to match the allowing for a three-dimensional effect on a flat surface. I aim to mix paint with vision, collage with story and character with meditation, producing artwork that reflects a release of energy imbued with life and raw simplicity.
My overall aim is to evolve as an artist into not only a better artist who is a master of his craft but also into a better human being as well. I am to touch and change people's lives with my art, to make a difference by producing work that makes people stop to reflect on the world around them and see the beauty of/in it as well. I want people to embrace all that they are and to see the beauty in life even through the hardships.

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US$ 1,476-1,476



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