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Adam Carnegie - Big Air Zebra | Portrait Art Original Art
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Adam Carnegie - "Big Air Zebra"

"Big Air Zebra"

Big Air Zebra
Acrylic, US$ 118

Big Air Zebra

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Layered dry brush

W: 230mm x H: 400mm x D: 28mm
W: 9" x H: 16" x D: 1"

Approx. Weight: 1.5kg

This work is unframed


US$ 118


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About "Big Air Zebra"

Surfers spend their lives living for their next wave. Would it be any different for a Zebra? Out there... in their stripy pyjamas looking sassy! Surfing is fantastic and being out in the wilds around Cape Town is delightful. Some of the most fantastic places to catch a wave are right in the nature reserve - it's hard to focus on the wave because the scenery beyond is alluring. We're blessed to have such variety and natural beauty. And having a Blue Wildebeest and a Quagga waiting among the lineup would just make it that much more exciting! (Mind you - some of the people are not unlike charging wildebeests - demanding most of the waves!)

Adam Carnegie

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About Adam

Adam Carnegie

I've been an illustrator for the past 30 years, I love telling stories through my art.

I want my images to be "icons", precious keepsakes, that feel both old and yet somehow remain vividly fresh in the now.

The best was when I used to hand deliver artworks to clients and to witness the joy as their commission was suddenly brought to life.

For a time I lived in Greece and illustrated for a popular children's Magazine and a child wrote: "I love my magazines so much that I sleep with them under my pillow at night." I knew I was doing something right.

I love touching on the small things that make life fantastic, difficult, disappointing, humorous, vivid and at times profound and confusing.

Living in cape town is constantly inspiring.
Watching the unfolding of a new free Nation is complicated and at times alarming, stuffy and polarised.
I try to capture this "stuff" - sometimes through absurd combinations and stupid twists. (It's not that I wish to undermine the heartfelt struggle, pain, anguish that individuals feel - but rather to play with the irony.)

I like the naive things that underpin the reality we live in.
And I am delighted by folk art. Folk art captures powerful things that are in a way common place - normally by people who do not have an 'education in art' - and yet they see and capture brilliant details.
I want my images to be strong and captivating, to talk to the viewer - and to offer various perspectives.
But sometimes I just want to paint something that is just a ship or a whale breaching.
Just a passing scene - captured - just because it was...

And sometimes I like to go backwards in time to capture things that are romantic and feel like they should re-emerge to remind us that they were graceful and beautiful in their own way.

I enjoy taking commissions because ultimately I want my images to be intrinsically special. To constantly speak and to invite a warmth and sense of ongoing vitality.

I like to think my art wears it's heart on it's sleeve.

Price Range

US$ 118-711



1993 - Rethymno Crete
2016 - Art in the Park - 27 February Rondebosch Park
2016 - Kirstenbosch - 22nd Feb - 9th March
2016 - Art in the Park - 16 November Rondebosch Park
2017 - Art in the Park - 26 March 2017 Rondebosch Park
2017 - Kirstenbosch - Members' 1 Exhibition 3-14 May
2017 - Kirstenbosch - CAS Spring Exhibition
2017 - Dante Art Gallery - Somerset West - 18 new artworks
2017 - Whale Festival Hermanus - 4 x new Artworks
2017 - Muizenberg Festival Exhibition - open 3 Oct


Graphic Design Diploma

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