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Leonie Brown - Deep Calls to Deep | Contemporary Art
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Leonie Brown - "Deep Calls to Deep"

"Deep Calls to Deep"

Deep Calls to Deep
Oil on Canvas, US$ 2,487

Deep Calls to Deep

Sorry but this work has already been sold. may be willing to undertake a commission.

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Oil on Canvas
impasto, palette knife, textured, abstract expressionism

W: 1500mm x H: 1200mm x D: 44mm
W: 59" x H: 47" x D: 2"

Approx. Weight: 4kg

This work is unframed


US$ 2,487 SOLD


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About "Deep Calls to Deep"

Deep calls unto deep.
Psalm 42:7.
IN the grandeur of Nature there are amazing harmonies. When the storm agitates the ocean below,
the heavens above hear the tumult, and answer to the clamor; down comes a deluge of sonorous hail or
swift-descending rain, attended with peals of thunder, and flashes of flame. Frequently the waterspout,
of which David speaks in the next sentence, evidences the sympathy of the two great waters above, and
beneath the firmament; the great deep above stretches out its hands to the great deep below, and in voice
of thunder their old relationship is recognized; it is almost as if the twin seas remembered how once they
lay together in the same cradle of confusion till the decree of the Eternal appointed each his bounds and

Deep calls unto deep one splendor of Creation holds fellowship with another. Amazed and
overwhelmed by the spectacle of some tremendous tempest upon land, you have yet been able to observe
how the clouds appear to be emptying themselves each into each, and the successive volleys of
Heaven's artillery are answered by rival clamors, the whole chorus of sublimities lifting up their voices!

It has seemed to me that a strange wild joy was moving all the elements, and that the angels of wind and
tempest were clapping their awful hands in glorious glee. Among the Alps, in the day of tempest, the
solemnly silent peaks break through their sacred quiet, and speak to each other in that dread language
which is echoing the voice of God

Far along,
From peak to peak the rattling crags among,
Leaps the live thunder!
Not from one lone cloud,
But every mountain now has found a tongue,
And Jura answers, through her misty shroud,
Back to the joyous Alps, who call to her aloud.

Leonie Brown

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About Leonie

Leonie Brown

How I Create

The brightness of oils is mixed with the soft translucency of encaustics (wax), and creates hidden messages and layers below. The layering gives the work a softness and richness that invites the viewer to look closer and to experience the satin-smooth surface through touch. The wax layers get more and more translucent through the warmth emanating from the exploring human hand. The viewer becomes a part of the slow change and clarity of the if the message is rising from the depth of the hidden soul to the surface of the mind. There is a strange ethereal beauty to these paintings, as if made from air.

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Price Range

US$ 58-3,439



Exhibition History:
Bright Street Gallery SOLO, Somerset West, Cape Town
LifeArt Studio, Durbanville, Cape Town

Freshly Brought, Wellington
Meerendal Art Gallery, Meerendal Wine Estate, Durbanville, CT
Winter Life Exhibition, Fish hoek, CT
Boldbrush August Competition

2016 Freshly Brought, Wellington
2016 Winter Life Exhibition, Fish Hoek
2014 Art at Constantia, Groot Constantia Art Gallery
2013 Rosendal Art Gallery
2013 Philadelphia Art Gallery
2012 Philadelphia Art Gallery
2011 Bay Hotel Art Gallery
2011 Junction Art Gallery
2009 Orange Cactus Gallery, Big Bay, Cape Town
Interview with CCFM
Interview with RSG
Die Meul, Philadelphia, Cape Town on 28 November 2009
Die Meul, Philadelphia, Cape Town
RED! The Gallery, Steenburg Village, Cape Town
De Brak Gallery, Groot Brak, Eastern Cape
The Bay Hotel, Camps Bay, Cape Town
Cayman Islands
Johannesburg Outdoor Adventure and Travel Show
RED! The Gallery, Steenburg Village, Cape Town
Evita se Perron, Darling, Western Cape
RED! The Gallery, Steenburg Village, Cape Town
OBZ Cafe, Cape Town
Interview with CCFM
Interview with Tygerburger
Before 2006
Potchefstroom Talent festival
Rolfes Impressions
National Volkskas Atelier * Winner in Fine Art Catagory
Total Exhibition for Young Artists
Potchefstroom Art Festival
Lichtenburg Art Festival
V & A Waterfront
Desire Resnick Art Gallery


BA(BK) Hons

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