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Grady Tomlinson Zeeman - Divine Luminosity XXlll | Contemporary Art
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Grady Tomlinson Zeeman - "Divine Luminosity XXlll"

"Divine Luminosity XXlll"

Divine Luminosity XXlll
Oil on Canvas, US$ 1,846

Divine Luminosity XXlll

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Oil on Canvas

W: 500mm x H: 500mm x D: 40mm
W: 20" x H: 20" x D: 2"

Approx. Weight: 1.5kg

This work is unframed


US$ 1,846


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Santa Croce

About "Divine Luminosity XXlll"

"Love is a Divine light, shines in the heart, and motivates for the soul." Ehsan Sehgal

Grady Tomlinson Zeeman

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About Grady Tomlinson

Grady Tomlinson Zeeman

Luminosity is described as the relative quantity of light, which is how I experience the Divine. Though I am a devout Anglican, I have been fascinated by all religions, and through reading extensively have found a pearl of universal wisdom.

Since ancient times, people have worshipped the sun or light. The Incas built a sun temple at Machu Picchu for their god Inti, the Japanese worshipping Amaterasu, and the Egyptians Ra. It is believed that the pyramids of Giza were aligned with the autumn equinox, and so too many more ancient places of worship. Churches, cathedrals, mosques, synagogues, and temples are all designed for light to enter to create an emotional and spiritual atmosphere.

Wherever I travel, it is customary for me to visit places of worship. I would allow myself to sit and experience spirituality and bathe in the light, always feeling the presence of God.

My passion for history, architecture, and spiritualism has led me to create this series on buildings that I've visited, focusing less on the perfection and awe of the buildings, but more on the emotion I experienced. As I have found great significance in the symbolism of the square in all religions, these paintings are created as "relics", capturing the high frequency of the Divine.

Price Range

US$ 1,108-3,692



In 2008, she had her first international group exhibition in India, and in October 2020 her first solo exhibition in Rome, Italy. She has taken part in various exhibitions in the USA, UK, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Zeeman has also taken part in the Florence Biennale 2011, Siel de Paris 2012, London Biennale 2019, and Amsterdam Art Fair 2019.

Her work has been published in NY Arts Magazine, South African Art Times, and Arttour International Magazine (mentioned as a Top Artist to Watch in 2018 and 2024) as well as numerous other books and magazines. She has been a finalist in a couple of art competitions as well as a Finalist in the Global Art Awards in Dubai 2017. She has also received several international art prizes and received the African Excellence Award for Contemporary Artist of the Year, in 2022.

From 2011 to 2017 Zeeman owned the Kunstehuijs Art Gallery in Swellendam South Africa, where she not only exhibited her work, but represented other South African artists as well.

She is currently represented by Agora Gallery - NY; Artio Gallery - Toronto; Art Screen TV - Basel; Cavendish Contemporary Gallery - Cape Town


Diploma in Fashion Design, Diploma in Art Appreciation

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