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African Paintings

51785 Works

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"Sandstorm sunset"

Sandstorm sunset
by Hettitia Calitz
US$ 1,142

"Canola Fields"

Canola Fields
by Wilma Hoffmann
US$ 408

"Pick a bunch"

Pick a bunch
by Marlene Koekemoer
US$ 196

"Springfield Street District Six"

Springfield Street District Six
by Harriet Jameson Pellizzari
US$ 408

"new world"

new world
by Reinet de Jager
US$ 734

"Mountains and Aloes"

Mountains and Aloes
by Gill Smith
US$ 179

"Tiny Places"

Tiny Places
by Alessandra Desole
US$ 489


by Shubnum Shaikh
US$ 326

"The Groom"

The Groom
by Vernon Fourie
US$ 392

"Simple life"

Simple life
by Linda Reyburn
US$ 99

"Rural Prosperity"

Rural Prosperity
by Emma Robb
US$ 294

"Leaving Ranzanico"

Leaving Ranzanico
by Martin Warburg
US$ 139


by Jacques
US$ 1,452

"The Seven-fold Spirit of God - Spirit of Wisdom"

The Seven-fold Spirit of God - Spirit of Wisdom
by Ilse Kleyn
US$ 5,775


by Laura Myburgh
US$ 326

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