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African Sculptures

1459 Works

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Gallery > By Category > Sculptures

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"Giant Garlic Clove"

Giant Garlic Clove
by Bruce Maxwell Cross
US$ 1,108

"Woz Haponin"

Woz Haponin
by Frans Boekkooi
US$ 1,134

"Polo Backhand"

Polo Backhand
by Wendy du Plessis
US$ 2,039

"Springbuck Ewe"

Springbuck Ewe
by Maureen Quin
US$ 7,774

"The Ultimate Sacrifice"

The Ultimate Sacrifice
by Maureen Quin
US$ 14,307

"Sweet Poison"

Sweet Poison
by Andre de Klerk
US$ 408

"Knowledge of Good and Evil"

Knowledge of Good and Evil
by Bets De Bruyn
US$ 571

"Ramblin' Man"

Ramblin' Man
by Andrew Manuel
US$ 245

"Deco Panels"

Deco Panels
by Ted Wasi
US$ 489

"Awaken Rise Side"

Awaken Rise Side
by Gerhard Van Eck
US$ 1,713

"Lot's Wife"

Lot's Wife
by Thijs Nel
US$ 1,631

"Horn Blower"

Horn Blower
by Maureen Quin
US$ 1,637


by Gerhard Van Eck
US$ 563


by Maureen Quin
US$ 8,584

"pyramid reflection"

pyramid reflection
by Anton Grove
US$ 147

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