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15 Works


by Magda Vrey
US$ 286


by Wayne Saunders
US$ 343

"Lizard's Eye"

Lizard's Eye
by Chanel King
US$ 294

"Larger Than Life"

Larger Than Life
by Andrew Manuel
US$ 571

"Dream keeper"

Dream keeper
by Nikodemis van Rensburg
US$ 799


by Andrew Manuel
US$ 571

"Fishy Business"

Fishy Business
by Marlene Van Jaarsveld
US$ 1,003

"Orpheus in the Undergrowth"

Orpheus in the Undergrowth
by Jo Wicht
US$ 204

"Southern Tree Agama"

Southern Tree Agama
by Sarah Richards
US$ 1,305 1,240

"Eagle (Soaring Spirits)"

Eagle (Soaring Spirits)
by Shubnum Shaikh
US$ 653

"Odd One"

Odd One
by Cheryl Browne
US$ 74

"Gecko 2"

Gecko 2
by Herman Potgieter
US$ 816 SOLD

"Agama Lizard"

Agama Lizard
by Andre Olwage
US$ 734 SOLD

"Ecko Gecko"

Ecko Gecko
by Herman Potgieter
US$ 1,468 SOLD

"Fowl Play"

Fowl Play
by Marlene Van Jaarsveld
US$ 1,003 SOLD