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Hester Correia

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"Musical Abstract 1"

Musical Abstract 1
US$ 261

"Music Abstract 2"

Music Abstract 2
US$ 261

"Flower abstract 3"

Flower abstract 3
US$ 620

"Autum Delight"

Autum Delight
US$ 392

"Five Seasons"

Five Seasons
US$ 408

"Touch of Lemon"

Touch of Lemon
US$ 408

"Seek the Flowers"

Seek the Flowers
US$ 261

"The Enchanting Goldfall"

The Enchanting Goldfall
US$ 326

"Magical trip"

Magical trip
US$ 326

"Golden Glow"

Golden Glow
US$ 326


US$ 326

"Wandering spirit"

Wandering spirit
US$ 326

"Birth in space"

Birth in space
US$ 408

"Secret Blocks"

Secret Blocks
US$ 326

"Flower abstract 2"

Flower abstract 2
US$ 620

"Touch of Lemon"

Touch of Lemon
US$ 408

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Hester Correia

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About Hester

Hester Correia

Where and when I was born is not important. That I was fortunate to be born with lots of talent, is n big plus. I remember at a hospice training course about twelve years ago I had to write down what talent I have got. The page was too small to write down all of it that I was blessed with.
My adverse conditions on an earlier age made it impossible to paint full time, but due to a period of ten years that I was alone I started living my dream since I was a child. Art to me is a form of meditation, a way of reflecting and addressing much of the horror and beauty in the world yesterday and today.
Today I am so fortunate to be able to paint full time and enjoy every moment of it. To get compliments for my work means the world to me.
My motto:
He, who cannot see beauty in people and things around them, has a crooked soul:
I give classes in baroque art. Contact me for bookings.

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Lots of private expo's
Art expo Cape Town
Private expo Nelspruit
Aquilla game lodge
Expo at Arniston Hotel


Natural talent and baroque classes

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