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Mawetu Janda

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"Pondo Girls Contemplating Marriage"
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Pondo Girls Contemplating Marriage
US$ 427

"The Vuvuzela Choir for 2010 Bafana"
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The Vuvuzela Choir for 2010 Bafana
US$ 682

"A messenger from TembuRoyal House"
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A messenger from TembuRoyal House
US$ 160

"Phillipi township in CapeTown 1"
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Phillipi township in CapeTown 1
US$ 220

"Bygones be baygons (Scorpions)"
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Bygones be baygons (Scorpions)
US$ 368

"Oprahfrican Dance on the Reed-Mat"
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Oprahfrican Dance on the Reed-Mat
US$ 534

"Sukuth'ntabafazi (Don't Strike Women)"
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Sukuth'ntabafazi (Don't Strike Women)
US$ 593

"Zimbabwe Run-Off Election?"
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Zimbabwe Run-Off Election?
US$ 231

"Domba Dancers"
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Domba Dancers
US$ 303

"Qunu Boys Taking Their Share"
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Qunu Boys Taking Their Share
US$ 249

"Masai Warrior"
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Masai Warrior
US$ 297

"Uncle Bob Mugabe Screams"
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Uncle Bob Mugabe Screams
US$ 225

"Venda musician playing umrhubhe"
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Venda musician playing umrhubhe
US$ 225

"Xhosa thinker"
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Xhosa thinker
US$ 475

"An Ostrich Woman of Mzantsi RESERVED"
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An Ostrich Woman of Mzantsi RESERVED
US$ 338

"Feast in the Kraal at Qunu"
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Feast in the Kraal at Qunu
US$ 211

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Mawetu Janda

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About Mawetu

Mawetu Janda

I am a cultural, social and political commentator who use his art to respond to happy and fiery events that are constantly unfolding in our society. my art is a weapon by which I teach people to tolerate things like cultural and gender diversity which is an undeniable face of a free world. my art is a missile - an instrument of war for attack and defense against the enemy - a politician who exploits his fellow country men for self-enrichment, profit and popularity. I significantly use symbols and ambigraphy to assist me wit the unveiling truth that may be intentionally hidden from the people about a particular event. However, I subtly use symbols and ambigraphy to veil naked truth that might get me into a big trouble.

Price Range

US$ 136-682



1992 Exhibited With the Cape Town At The A&V Waterfront
1996 Short listed For Volkskas Bank Atelier Award (Bloemfontein)
1998 Exhibited With Jm3 At The Restaurant Picasso (Alice)
1999 Two Men Show At The Grahamstown's Standard Bank National Arts Festival On A Theme "African Mysticism".
1999 Invited To Exhibit At The Hogsback Spring Festival On A Theme "African Mysticism".(Eastern Cape)
2000 Standard Bank National Arts Festival (Grahamstown)



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