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Shannon Phillips

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US$ 559

"Grey Day I 2 & 3"
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Grey Day I 2 & 3
US$ 524

"Inspirations II"
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Inspirations II
US$ 1,397

"Textured I"
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Textured I
US$ 233

"Africa 1-3"
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Africa 1-3
US$ 699

"Sea Abstract"
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Sea Abstract
US$ 431

"Picasso's Bust of a Woman"
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Picasso's Bust of a Woman
US$ 1,746

"Sienna Rose Flowerpot"
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Sienna Rose Flowerpot
US$ 531

"Lavender with Silver Flower Pots 1 & 2"
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Lavender with Silver Flower Pots 1 & 2
US$ 447

"Rusted Trees in a Red Landscape 1-3"
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Rusted Trees in a Red Landscape 1-3
US$ 643

"Copper Green Flowerpots"
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Copper Green Flowerpots
US$ 559

"Rust and Copper Filigree"
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Rust and Copper Filigree
US$ 636

"Roses Are Green 1 & 2"
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Roses Are Green 1 & 2
US$ 447

"Thru Space"
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Thru Space
US$ 408

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US$ 431

"Space 1 & 2"
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Space 1 & 2
US$ 978

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Shannon Phillips

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About Shannon

Shannon Phillips

Shannon Phillips has become an established and recognized abstract artist using her flair and intuition to add balance and form to her artwork.

Her inspiration comes in many forms, including shimmering pieces of glass, metalwork, ornate engraved silver jewellery, peeling painted walls, ageing objects, various textures and graffiti.

Shannon has excelled in the use of etched metal and finds this art form extremely therapeutic; creating circles, spirals, squares, triangle and roses. She make use of smooth shimmering metal which adds a tranquil depth to her paintings. Her most recent paintings are of triptych (canvas) landscapes - these are
beautifully textured landscapes with shimmering metal.

In order to create her stunning work, Shannon uses a limited palette of grey, cream, pale green, blues and neutral colours. White `dancing' calligraphy letters are evident in many of her artworks, adding a unique beauty to her art.

Layers of textured paste, oil paint, metal and calligraphy are the very evidence of Shannon's individual talent, which has put her into a category of distinction.

Shannon's insight and passion for art is evident in her unique artworks which bring warmth, depth and beauty into a room.

Price Range

US$ 182-2,116



Kirstenbosch Group exhibition 2014
Winchester Mansion Solo exhibition 2014
CTAS at The Baxter (Grp) 1st Sept until 7th Sept.2008
VEO GALLERY `Revisiting the Masters' (Grp) 12th August 2008
Artscape (GRP) 29TH APR.-25TH MAY 2008
Mandela Exhibition JHB 15th - 19th November 2006
Orange Cactus (Blouberg)-SOLO EXHIBITION 22nd Nov - 10th Dec 2006
Facets Creative Grp Exhibition`The Woman in me' 24th November 2006
Veo Art Fair (Josephine Mill) 27th - 29th October 2006
Veo Art fair 28th April to 1st May 2006
KKNK Outshoorn Festival April 2006
Lindy Van Niekerk (Grp) 5-12 March 2006
Artscape (Grp) `Art from the Heart' 7th Feb-6 March 2006
Veo Gallery (Solo) 15-25th Nov.2005
Lindy Van Niekerk (Grp) 18 Sept-24th Sept 2005
AVA Member's Exhibition (Grp) Aug/Sept 2005
Veo Spring Fair 2-4th Sept 2005
Winchester Mansions (Solo) 15th June - 11th July 2005
Veo Gallery (Solo) 12-24th Oct 2004
AVA Members Exhibition (Grp) Aug/Sept 2004


Dip. Art & Design

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