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Andy Neuro

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"Phoenix Love"
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Phoenix Love
US$ 242

"Panda Pondering"
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Panda Pondering
US$ 260

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US$ 403

"Winter Dew Drop"
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Winter Dew Drop
US$ 242

"Venus Rising"
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Venus Rising
US$ 251

"Blue Vixen Nights"
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Blue Vixen Nights
US$ 224

"Flea without Tattoos"
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Flea without Tattoos
US$ 268

"Kaleidoscope of Choice"
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Kaleidoscope of Choice
US$ 671

"Melting into Vixen"
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Melting into Vixen
US$ 313

"Melting into Vixen"
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Melting into Vixen
US$ 206

"Thinking About Thinking"
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Thinking About Thinking
US$ 367

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Andy Neuro

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About Andy

In traditional Chinese art the painter intentionally leaves a slight flaw in his/her artwork. It is a reminder that we as humans are not perfect.
I have thus far led a charmed hedonistic existence and have had plenty of solitude to reflect on it. My art is therefore closely linked to memory. I engage in the science fiction/fact way in which we remember. As creating the artwork is a task that takes considerable time, so my paintings express this organic process as various sensations unfold. The paintings are thus rarely snapshots of a particular event, but rather an overlaying of events to express a narrative that can only be told in a visual sense on what essentially starts as a two-dimensional surface. No other medium affords such depth of liberty, as the viewer is able to engage with the surface in a way that is more divorced from our physical world than the impositions of sculpture or multi-media mediums. Painting, drawing, printing and collage invite you to leave your body behind and climb through the window into another reality.
The dimensional proportions of this reality can be manipulated by the artist in a way that forms a dialogue with the viewer on this astral plane. This can be a taxing demand on the viewer, but I do not make art for stupid or lazy people, their demands are well catered for by society. Instead I believe intelligence lies in open-mindedness. Humankinds greatest fear is the unknown. We are inescapably bound to its existence and endeavor to create a balanced relationship with it. Getting this balance right is the key to our happiness.
As with life, I do not to conform my memories to one emotion. Sometimes I offer warnings and engage in social issues as humanity disappoints. Sometimes I celebrate humanity when it deserves praise. And sometimes I leave humanity behind altogether and engage in the psychedelic dialogue that we share with nature.

Price Range

US$ 206-671



1999: Explicit Exhibition, Garden Centre
Quality Control, Independent Armchair Theatre

2000: Quality Control II, Independent Armchair Theatre
Sony World Student Competition, Sony Centre, Berlin

2001: All Welcome – Launch Exhibition of Neurotickles,Mowbray
Neurotickles - Obs Café

2002 Wildlife – Sun Gallery

2003: Bring It Home – Channel 5 Studios
Play Body Art Show – Obs Café

2004: Spindle Sect Studio Launch – Mercury Studios
Roswell Kings Album Launch – Independent Armchair
Exposure Film Festival
Expansion – Art Café

2005: Onanism Events – Wynberg Sports Club

2006: Onanism Events – Wynberg Sports Club

2007: Jazz Festival - Muizenberg

2008: Neurotickles – Muizenberg

2009: Communitree Arts Festival - Muizenberg

2010: Neurotickles Solo Exhibition 194 Victoria Rd,
Neurotickles Solo Exhibition Jean Bell Gallery,


Michaelis School of Fine Art class of 2000's top painter

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