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Johanna Prinsloo - The Living Landscape of Two Countries | Landscape Art Fine Art
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Johanna Prinsloo - "The Living Landscape of Two Countries"

"The Living Landscape of Two Countries"

The Living Landscape of Two Countries
Mixed Media, US$ 206

The Living Landscape of Two Countries

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Mixed Media

W: 514mm x H: 340mm
W: 20" x H: 13"

Approx. Weight: 0.25kg

This work is unframed


US$ 206


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South Africa

About "The Living Landscape of Two Countries"

The end of every day is heralded by the rays of the sun that change the landscape in to a kaleidoscope of reds, yellows and blues with all the variety and nuances of the total colour spectrum contained within it. Whether it is here or in another part of the world, this kaleidoscope is always present, playing the same games with colours, but in a different diversity of arrangements, shapes and colour patterns. I have used pages from a telephone book not only to put texture in behind the landscape, but also to represent the communication that is brought to us by technology so often unseen. At sunrise, the sun always comes up and at sunset it also always goes down. Whether you see the sunrise or the sunset or not depends only on where it is or what it may be hidden by. But it is always there. If you are conscious of it. The unseen unconscious communication that the sun and the landscape,the unity and all the diversity that they represent everywhere is in all of us.

The colours of the painting is also reflecting a veld fire. The charcoal that I have used to do the drawing with is also the vehicle of the message of the end of all the old and dead plant material to give space for all the new growth that will be there in a very short time. That is also a metaphor of the new beginnings that became part of our relationship with India with the ending of Apartheid in 1994 and with the birth of our new Rainbow Nation.

India and Indonesia are no less the lands of origin of the South African people than Holland, Britain, Germany and France and the rest of Africa. Our background that is rooted in and stems from so many different cultures and nations makes us so much part of all of them. It always amazes me to see how quickly the veld can restore itself in a matter of a few days with all the new growth that is coming from the dead black ashes or charcoaled plant material. It reminds me of spontaneous new growth in that it will become part of our new Nation with special reference and thanks to India and our connections with it. One of the urgent and essential tasks in the efforts to rebuild South Africa as a "rainbow nation" is to rediscover and rewrite the history of the country. With this painting I attempt to bring that knowledge together in a visual form through the use of different media materials and colours. The Landscape gives me the opportunity to represents exactly that.

Johanna Prinsloo

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About Johanna

Johanna Prinsloo

To be in the process of art making is for me one of the greatest privileges to have. I love to share this knowledge and the results with my students. To be part of the on-going process is the privilege of the person who owns the art that any artist does.
That makes all of us part of the whole Creative process which will live on till eternity.

Price Range

US$ 206-206



Exhibitions, Group: Salon Potchefstroom 1979
Studio Visio Exhibitions 1983-1997
Group Exhibition Ventersdorp 1985
Salon Exhibitions 1991-2003
Exhibition University of Potchefstroom 1997
Fruit/Flesh Potchefstroom Museum 1998
Aardklop PUK Alumni Rector’s exhibition 2002
Streeks Uitstalling Aardklop 2008
Aardklop: ArtKat Students 1999-2003
Alette Wessels Kuns Inisiatief 2004
Kunsvereniging Pretoria 2004; 2005
Relationships Pretoria 2007
BAARD Uitstalling Centurion Kunsgalery 2005
Catpals “Voet Fetish” 2008
Aardklop Environmental Tourist Office 2007
Relationships: St Lorient Pretoria 2007

Aardklop Christian School 2005
Uitstalling Centurion Kunsvereniging, 2008-2010
SANAVU: Pretoria & Potchefstroom 2009
ArtKat Students: “Soulwindows” Aardklop 2009, Pretoria 2009.
Solo Exhibitions
Solo: Potchefstroom Museum 1996;
“Cancer” Potchefstroom 1999;
Ventersdorp 2008

Other: Advisory Board Community Art Competitions;
Establishing ArtKat Private Art/Creativity school 1999-2004 Potchefstroom;
Establishing ArtKat Studio: Art Therapy/Creativity 2004-10 Pretoria;
Judge: Water Colour Society Pretoria.
Facilitating Workshops: Art Therapy and Creativity nationally.
Facilitating Workshops: Art of Mandalas in Soul Art nationally.

Public Collections: University of Potchefstroom: Psych/Biology Dept.
Clover SA
Awie Wright Attorneys
Remax SA
Media Tenor SA


Matriculation: 1968 Hoërskool Ventersdorp Tertiary Education: Te

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