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Johanna Prinsloo - The River Goddess of Ganges | Other Art Fine Art
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Johanna Prinsloo - "The River Goddess of Ganges"

"The River Goddess of Ganges"

The River Goddess of Ganges
Mixed Media, US$ 206

The River Goddess of Ganges

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Mixed Media

W: 514mm x H: 340mm
W: 20" x H: 13"

Approx. Weight: 0.25kg

This work is unframed


US$ 206


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About "The River Goddess of Ganges"

The Director of the Centre for Exposition of World Arts and Culture (CEWAC) in Hyderabad, India, Mr G Kishan Rao, has taken the initiative to reach out to the South African National Association for the Visual Arts (SANAVA), suggesting a bilateral exchange in the field of the visual arts to commemorate this event. The year 2010 is a significant year for the South African Indian community, as it marks the 150th year since the first Indians arrived on South African shores. I was asked to make a contribution. My time at the moment is limited and starting a new project would have been difficult, so I decided to use a picture (close up of a landscape and plant material) that I already had. When my friend commented that he saw a river Delta in the picture, I decided to have a look at the history and geographic features of the country. Great was my surprise to see the similarities of the river delta of the Ganges River. I then spoke to an artist friend of mine about symbols coming from the unconscious. He saw a picture of an elephant on the middle left hand side.
I myself saw a woman with outstretched arms on the top right hand side. I then also got hold of a picture of a relief of the Delta which was made in honour of the river Goddess Ganges. According to Hinduism mythology, the Ganga is sacred and she is worshipped as a goddess who, according to the myth, rides on an elephant.
The first Indians arrived during the Dutch colonial era, as slaves, in 1684. A conservative calculation based strictly on records shows over 16 300 slaves from the Indian subcontinent having been brought to the Cape. In the decades 1690 to 1725 over 80% of the slaves were Indians. This practice continued until the end of slavery in 1838. They made up the majority of slaves that came from the Far East and were totally integrated into the Cape White and Coloured communities by the 1880s.

Johanna Prinsloo

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About Johanna

Johanna Prinsloo

To be in the process of art making is for me one of the greatest privileges to have. I love to share this knowledge and the results with my students. To be part of the on-going process is the privilege of the person who owns the art that any artist does.
That makes all of us part of the whole Creative process which will live on till eternity.

Price Range

US$ 206-206



Exhibitions, Group: Salon Potchefstroom 1979
Studio Visio Exhibitions 1983-1997
Group Exhibition Ventersdorp 1985
Salon Exhibitions 1991-2003
Exhibition University of Potchefstroom 1997
Fruit/Flesh Potchefstroom Museum 1998
Aardklop PUK Alumni Rector’s exhibition 2002
Streeks Uitstalling Aardklop 2008
Aardklop: ArtKat Students 1999-2003
Alette Wessels Kuns Inisiatief 2004
Kunsvereniging Pretoria 2004; 2005
Relationships Pretoria 2007
BAARD Uitstalling Centurion Kunsgalery 2005
Catpals “Voet Fetish” 2008
Aardklop Environmental Tourist Office 2007
Relationships: St Lorient Pretoria 2007

Aardklop Christian School 2005
Uitstalling Centurion Kunsvereniging, 2008-2010
SANAVU: Pretoria & Potchefstroom 2009
ArtKat Students: “Soulwindows” Aardklop 2009, Pretoria 2009.
Solo Exhibitions
Solo: Potchefstroom Museum 1996;
“Cancer” Potchefstroom 1999;
Ventersdorp 2008

Other: Advisory Board Community Art Competitions;
Establishing ArtKat Private Art/Creativity school 1999-2004 Potchefstroom;
Establishing ArtKat Studio: Art Therapy/Creativity 2004-10 Pretoria;
Judge: Water Colour Society Pretoria.
Facilitating Workshops: Art Therapy and Creativity nationally.
Facilitating Workshops: Art of Mandalas in Soul Art nationally.

Public Collections: University of Potchefstroom: Psych/Biology Dept.
Clover SA
Awie Wright Attorneys
Remax SA
Media Tenor SA


Matriculation: 1968 Hoërskool Ventersdorp Tertiary Education: Te

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