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Adele Bantjes

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"Kiss Me Quickly, The Frog Prince "
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Kiss Me Quickly, The Frog Prince
US$ 93

"Moon Lovers"
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Moon Lovers
US$ 95

"Dinner for One"
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Dinner for One
US$ 95

"Wake Up Love, Sleeping Beauty "
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Wake Up Love, Sleeping Beauty
US$ 95

"Little Mermaid "
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Little Mermaid
US$ 95

"To Tame a Dove, All You Need Is Seeds of Love"
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To Tame a Dove, All You Need Is Seeds of Love
US$ 84

"Dark Waltz"
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Dark Waltz
US$ 84

"Always a Happy Face"
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Always a Happy Face
US$ 111

"Fowl for a Friend"
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Fowl for a Friend
US$ 111

"Precious Jewels of Africa"
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Precious Jewels of Africa
US$ 535

"Lucky Fish"
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Lucky Fish
US$ 249

"Solo Trumpet in the City ..."
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Solo Trumpet in the City ...
US$ 84

"Sunny Sunflowerlady"
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Sunny Sunflowerlady
US$ 73

"I Love Ponies and Poultry"
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I Love Ponies and Poultry
US$ 84

"Playful in Black and White ..."
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Playful in Black and White ...
US$ 111

"Happy Duet"
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Happy Duet
US$ 102

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Adele Bantjes

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About Adele

Adele Bantjes

In kindergarten my friends complained to the teacher that I did not want to play with them but rather play with clay! The only thing that has changed is the medium I work in...

I started out my art career, making paper Mache sculptures and na[0xC3AF]ve paintings on paper. Later, I started using recycled paper on canvas to build up relief details on some of my paintings. This led to a very unique technique.

I am entirely self-taught I have always enjoyed doing my art in a naive style. I love the childlike innocence, humor, pure joy and bright colors. This is art that does not lie and almost always brings a smile to people's faces...

Adele Bantjes was born in 1976, Roodepoort, Gauteng, South Africa and began painting after completing High school in the picturesque little town Zastron in the South Eastern Free State.
She is a full time artist and has dedicated herself entirely to Naive Art.
She works on both canvas and paper in mixed media. Some of her art is done in Bas-Relief.

She has exhibited widely within South Africa and showcased her work internationally in Na[0xC3AF]ve art exhibitions in Katowice, Poland and Jerusalem, Israel.
Her work is found in private and corporate collections throughout South Africa and Internationally in United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland, Holland, Australia, New Zealand and the USA.
She lives and works in Vermont, Onrushing in the lovely Overberg region...

McDonald's iconic fry box:
From 500 artists from all over the world 24 artists were asked to do a design celebrating the 2014 Fifa World Cup. Adele's design 'Heart of the Game' was chosen to be featured on one of the12 limited edition fry boxes.... Adele's design was selected for its universal appeal to all ages and cultures, with attention to the storytelling nature that she brought out in the piece or art...

Publications:Beeld; September 2014; Pretoria Rekord ,July 2014; Joburgwest Getit, May 2011; Dinokeng Game reserve News, July 2011; Volksblad 1999

Price Range

US$ 54-600



Exhibitions: Grahamstown Art festival, ABSA L’atelier, Centurion Art Gallery, Alice Art Gallery, Unlimited Art Gallery, Galleria Szyb Wilson in Katowice Poland at the Naïve art festival and The Naïve light over Jerusalem art festival in Israel, MUSÉE INTERNATIONAL D’ART NAÏF DE MAGOG in canada

Publications: Joburgwest Getit, May 2011; Dinokeng Game reserve News, July 2011; Volksblad 1999


self taught

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