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Joseph Gocke

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"Flower Arrangement"
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Flower Arrangement
US$ 1,163

"The Flower Arrangement"
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The Flower Arrangement
US$ 1,259

"The Shepherd"
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The Shepherd
US$ 9,204

"The Elk"
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The Elk
US$ 5,813

"The Monk"
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The Monk
US$ 2,422

"The Mountain and River"
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The Mountain and River
US$ 2,906

"The Lilac Flowers"
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The Lilac Flowers
US$ 11,626

"The Mountain Shed"
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The Mountain Shed
US$ 5,813

"Mutter Child and Roses"
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Mutter Child and Roses
US$ 3,875

"Daughter in Law"
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Daughter in Law
US$ 9,591

"Dead Island"
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Dead Island
US$ 5,328

"The Roe and Doe"
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The Roe and Doe
US$ 1,453

"Black Forest House"
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Black Forest House
US$ 1,938

"The Carpenter"
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The Carpenter
US$ 1,841

"End of Time"
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End of Time
US$ 1,453

"Mother and Child"
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Mother and Child
US$ 16,470

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Joseph Gocke

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About Joseph

Joseph Gocke

Was Born in-to a very Religious Family and therefore his Subjects were greatly Influenced during his Live.
His Paintings of Self Portraits, Family, People, Religious-Paintings, Flowers and Black Forest Landscapes are very Impressive and Popular. His unsparing Realism in his Self Portraits was Influenced from the Dutch School.

Price Range

US$ 872-48,441



His Gallery was his Home from were he Sold his Art-Work.


Apprenticehip in General Painting and Religious Studies

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