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Shirley St Clair-Laing

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US$ 185

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US$ 119

"Radiant Cosmos"
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Radiant Cosmos
US$ 119

"Iceland Poppies"
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Iceland Poppies
US$ 119

"Hobbit's Hut"
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Hobbit's Hut
US$ 73

"Orchid Beauty"
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Orchid Beauty
US$ 119

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US$ 185

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Shirley St Clair-Laing

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About Shirley

Ever since I was a child at boarding school, I have loved photography. Although I knew nothing about it in those days, I joined the Photographic Society at school, from which I didn't glean much instruction, but it did serve to instill the passion. This passion went into hiding for a few years and resurfaced in my early 20's again, during which time my husband and I set up our own darkroom at home and learned (the hard way) how to develop and process our own photos.

This knowledge (from manual film cameras and darkroom "duties"), put me in the position of understanding photography once the digital era hit. I, by no means, feel that I have "arrived" (I don't think anyone can ever claim to have). I feel that art is a learning curve through life, and as long as one is going upwards and not standing still or going backwards, that is the meaning of success.

Whilst I have had no formal training in photography, I have completed several workshops on different aspects, and have learned a lot from my peers' comments and critiques. I have achieved a placement in the "Hall of Fame" on an international photography site, as well as many awards for my work.

All work available in various media and sizes.

Price Range

US$ 73-185


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