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Abstract Art Paintings

Night Ocean Reflections
Night Ocean Reflections
by Melanie Meyer
Jonah Swallowed by the Fish
Jonah Swallowed by the Fish
by Santorini

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Our online art gallery contains a broad selection of abstract art paintings from a wide range of abstract artists. Our paintings gallery can be searched by using key terms that are of particular interest to you. If you are looking for a specific artist or type of painting just enter the relevant search phrase and we will display all of our relevant results.

The term 'abstract art' is now generally used to describe art that does not try to recreate subjects from the natural world. This style of art is concerned with using colour and form in a non-figurative manner. Contemporary abstract style paintings have colours, designs or shapes that do not represent real world items and as such can be difficult to understand or interpret.

There are two main types of abstract art style. The first is concerned with representing actual objects in an 'abstracted' fashion. With this style of art you get an idea of what the painting is showing although it does not truly represent the objects depicted. A famous example of this is the painting 'Water Lilies' by Monet. The painting gives an approximation of a pond with water lilies but it is by no means figurative.

The second type of contemporary abstract art is often referred to as 'pure' abstract and is completely non-representative of any objects in the natural world. At first glance this style of art can be dismissed as just random paint marks or brush strokes. However on further examination these paintings can reveal aspects of the environment where they were created as well as the character traits and emotions of the artist.

Abstract Expressionism Art

Abstract expressionism is a form of art which began in the USA in 1946. It is a progression from surrealist art and one of the most well known artists in this field is Jackson Pollack. He produced his abstract images by dripping paint over large canvasses laid out on the floor. In fact the style of art itself is seen as a rebellious, anarchic form. It became accepted by the mainstream in the 1950's and was the first truly original form of painting to come out of the United States.

If you buy a piece of art from our range of abstract art paintings you can rest assured that you have made a safe purchase. All our deliveries are fully insured against loss or damage and we offer a 7 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. Start browsing our artist painting gallery online now to see if you can find the right painting for your home or office.