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Art Online

Blue Jug with Red Poppies
Blue Jug with Red Poppies
by Minnie Gerber
Reflection on a Still Life
Reflection on a Still Life
by Maryna Visagie

Welcome to online art gallery.

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View examples of search subjects such as: Still Life and Landscapes.

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Our web gallery gives visitors the opportunity to browse through a wide selection of fine art online. We have a powerful art search option that can be used to find items of interest. You can search the art work of our online artists by painting style, subject, size or even price in order to find exactly what you are looking for.

Our website also includes information on the artists themselves as well as suggestions of similar pieces of art that are currently available to purchase.

The Growth Of Art Online

Over the past few years the number of places you can view and purchase art online has risen sharply. This has been accompanied, as you may expect, by a similar increase in sales for art that is displayed online.

This increase is in part due to the technological shift occurring in society in general and the proliferation of affordable broadband services. With a high speed Internet connection potential art buyers can download good quality images in seconds, this allows them to view a large number of pieces of art in a short space of time making it easier to decide on purchases. There is now a very large online art community consisting of numerous websites where people can look at art for sale and discuss art in general. However there are other benefits of displaying art online to both artists and art buyers.

It has always been a struggle for upcoming artists to get their work displayed in galleries due to the premiums attached to this type of space. It is now much easier to get work shown in online galleries because the cost of displaying a painting on a website is much lower than at an art gallery. Also, when displayed online, a piece of art has a far larger audience. If many more art buyers can view online paintings they are more likely to be sold.

There are also great benefits for art buyers. They can sit in the comfort of their own home and look at a massive amount of art in a short space of time. They can view many more art works than even the most avid art gallery visitor. Also there is now a higher standard and lower cost in international deliveries making it possible for people to buy art from all over the world.

If after looking through our online gallery you decide to make a purchase, you will find that our ordering system is fast and easy to use. We deliver art internationally with a reputable delivery firm. All purchases are insured against damage or loss and we offer a 7 day money back guarantee if you are not totally satisfied with your purchase.