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Beginner’s Guide To Collection Art

Cat on Abstract
Cat on Abstract
by Louise van Wyk
The Walk of Life
The Walk of Life
by Jackie Briel

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Collection art can vary from a magnum opus painted by a legendary artist to an art work that you simply find attractive. It may be inspired by subjects of Romanticism or may depict the realties of life. Every piece of collection art is unique, endowed with a distinctive character which depends on the thought and mood of the painter. In fact, buying collection art is an art in itself, which can only be mastered with years of experience. To begin with, you can speed up your search by browsing through collection art online. In fact, whenever you buy collection art, it is always advisable to undertake a detailed analysis of the selected art work.

How to Buy Collection Art

How does one find mesmerizing collection art? Here are a few points to consider.

Beauty - You do not need a checklist to analyze beauty in collection art. Your eyes would automatically be drawn to the art work that you prefer. Then, you just have to answer a simple question, “Do I like this?” In fact, your final verdict on the beauty or absence of it in the selected collection art is instinctive. It is usually defined by the cultural context you live in. Besides, there are some aspects that make collection art more appealing:

Accurate proportions of the subject.
Use of either contrasting or complementing colour schemes.
Patterns, symmetry and shapes.
Identifiable flow.
Crops and compositions, which holds the observer’s attention.
Frames and presentation.

Innate meaning - At times, collection art might not be aesthetically beautiful, but it may have a strong underlying emotion. You will get hooked to its emotion, which might bring a smile to your face or a tear will roll down your cheek. Powerful feelings exuded by a collection art imparts it a soul. Based on the inherent meaning, collection art is classified as:

Representational – Has no deeper meaning and is purely painted for visual appeal.
Referential – It provides a new perspective on an existing art work or adds to a conversation initiated by another artist.
Dominated by emotions – It evokes a particular emotion and you may empathize, appreciate or understand the subject depicted.
Makes a statement – It attempts to raise awareness for a particular cause or draws attention to political, social or economic issues.
Allegorical – Has more than one meaning and is open to subjective interpretation.

Variety of Medium - Buy collection art of different shapes, sizes and styles. Select from acrylics, watercolours and oil paints, used on canvas, paper, and other types of surfaces.

Artists - When buying collection art, evaluate the painting technique and skill level of the painter. Go through his other paintings. It will give you an idea about his mastery over a particular genre and his skill level. Consider purchasing collection art online, as websites usually feature all the art works painted by an artist and his profile for buyer’s convenience.