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Contemporary Canvas Art

Happy Hour
Happy Hour
by Marilise Lombard
Full Circle
Full Circle
by Shelley Adams
Water Bearers
Water Bearers
by Basie Geerdts

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Our online art gallery contains a wide range of contemporary canvas art. By looking through our contemporary gallery of original art work you can find a wide range of different styles of painting by many unique artists. We do not sell art prints or canvas prints, only original quality art pieces.

Canvas Quality

The majority of our art is produced on good quality canvas which adds extra depth to a piece of art work. Canvas is produced with cotton or linen fibers which are then woven together to produce a textured surface. This has been the medium of choice for most artists since back in the 16th century when canvas first came in to popular use.

The term 'contemporary art' relates to visual art that has been produced recently. The term 'modern art' was previously used but this has now come to be used to describe art from the 20th century, up until the 1970's. During this period the advent of photographic technology meant that artists did not need to represent subjects realistically. This led to artists working on different ways to represent the world around them, in general taking a more abstract view.

The use of the name 'contemporary art' to describe art that is currently being produced means that it can relate to a wide range of types and styles of art. Comments made on works by a contemporary artist tend to be descriptive and not interpretive as has often been the case in the past. These comments can include factors such as the colours used, the type of marks made and the overall visual experience.

The contemporary canvas art we have for sale covers all the main different styles of art. This includes still life, landscapes, seascapes, portraits, wildlife, abstract and surrealist. Our paintings also cover numerous canvas size ranges and each item is shown next to the outline of a person. This gives the buyer a real sense of perspective and makes it easier to buy art online.

Visit our online gallery now to check out the wide range of contemporary canvas art we have in our quality gallery.