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Fine Art Photography

I Am a Prism Too
I Am a Prism Too
by Russel Thokozani Kana
My Angel of Beauty
My Angel of Beauty
by Riaan Vosloo

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We have an extensive range of fine art photography and digital images which are currently for sale and displayed in our online art gallery. If you purchase any of our digital images or photographs you can be assured of the quality of the art work as it will be sent as a digital print on watercolor paper.

The process of using a camera to produce a piece of art, be it fine art or documentary, is a concept that was accepted by the art world during the twentieth century. To begin with some artists argued that a photograph was just a mechanical representation of a subject and could not therefore be considered as art.

A group of photographic artists from the United States were most influential in bringing about the acceptance as an art form. Some of the most prominent artists in this group were Alfred Stieglitz, John Szarkowski, and Edward Weston.

More recently in the world of fine art photography there has been a trend towards artists setting up the composition and lighting for a photo rather than finding the image naturally. These are referred to as 'staged' pictures, two of the best known artists in this field are Gregory Crewdson and Cindy Sherman.

Fine Art Photography Artists

We have many fine art photography artists currently displaying their work on our website. The subjects for these photos vary immensely. As you may expect there are a large number of images based around the human form. Some are straight forward portraits and others take a more abstract point of view.

A fair number of the photographs shown on our site take wildlife and landscapes as their subject. This is not surprising considering that many of our artists come from Africa, a continent with an abundance of natural beauty to try and capture with a camera.

Some of the more unusual and thought provoking images in our photo gallery take a man made item and place it in contrast to nature, such as a building surrounded by trees. The sharp contrast between the uniform, angled lines of a building and the more random, organic limbs of a tree make for excellent photographs.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the artists who display their fine art photography on our website. We are also happy to help with enquiries regarding individual pieces of art and delivery information.