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Jade Willcock

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"African Masks 2"
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African Masks 2
US$ 668

"Spirit Warrior"
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Spirit Warrior
US$ 1,113

"Air Spirit"
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Air Spirit
US$ 1,113

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US$ 890

"Sculptured Ceramic Pots 1"
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Sculptured Ceramic Pots 1
US$ 890

"Dancing Boots"
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Dancing Boots
US$ 556

"Lab Glass"
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Lab Glass
US$ 200

"Glass Bottles Galore"
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Glass Bottles Galore
US$ 200

"Delish Monster"
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Delish Monster
US$ 278

"Boxes and Shells"
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Boxes and Shells
US$ 200

"Artists Corner"
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Artists Corner
US$ 200

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Jade Willcock

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About Jade

Jade Willcock

My Life and the living of it ... this is all the Inspiration I need to Visually Express all that my Eyes have Perceived and Heart Felt ... to physically Create all the Spirit I have been Moved by, for others to bear Witness to!

I have a knack to experiment in all media and medium, new ideas are exciting not daunting. I like to work to a patron's request, as special effects are challenging and rewarding.
Creating a persons concept into a recognizable visual is reward unto itself.

The more I am challenged to be creative, the more depth I find to draw upon. This becomes a path to follow, teach and learn from.
Passing talent and techniques onto the young and aspiring is one of the very rewarding aspects of my chosen walk, my own children are inspiration as well guides in my life.

All Pictures are collectables and are sold with a trackable certificate. This will enable the new owner to track any new offers made on the item and thus the increase in worth will always be validated. This allows even an unseasoned art collector to realize the value of their collection.
Being proudly South African, I love to depict the African wildlife, i.e. The Big 5, as sensationally as one can in any chosen medium.
Experimenting in ways of new visually pleasing formats and tactilely leading one's fingers to touch the animals (which are actually in relief to the dusty sunset backgrounds) lends an added sense experience to the witness.
I put a lot of feelings and attachment to the subject matter of my paintings, they are each unique and individual in the time frame they were made in as well as the circumstances I found myself in at the time ... There is therefore a mixed sense of joy and loss when a special work leaves my personal Gallery and begins its journey around the world.

To this end I designed the trackable certificate so that the owners as well as myself, would be able to follow the interesting route the piece embarks upon, which may have started with a whimsical thought and paintbrush, but is much akin to the bated breath and first step of any adventure.

The artist will consider all commissions on request, agreed upon price and timeframe.

Price Range

US$ 73-2,003



Exhibitions planned, pending and invited.


Matric, Technicon CAD & design, Research & analysis

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