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Still Life

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Still Life Paintings

Go to the still life page in our online art gallery to view a wide range of original still life paintings that are available to buy now. There are currently over 1,800 different still life art works to choose from so you are bound to find at least one that you like!

The paintings we have on offer range from the traditional still life with fruit as the subject to more surrealist or abstract interpretations of the art style.

Many of the still life artists who show their work in our gallery have created numerous different paintings in the style. Their work often takes fruit or flowers as the subject and they concentrate on colour, design, texture and mood when creating their art works.

To find still life paintings on our website, or any other specific style of art, you can select the relevant category from the gallery section of our menu. If you are looking for something in particular you should try out our power search feature. It allows you to select your requirements from a whole range of different criteria and it returns the most relevant results for you to view.

If you take a liking to the work of a certain artist it is worth bearing in mind that many of our artists will work on commissions. Simply contact the artist directly if their details are displayed on their own artist's page, if not just contact us and we will put you in touch with the artist.

Head over to our still life content section now to view the range of paintings we have in our gallery to buy. You may just find a piece of art you cannot do without!

Still Life

Apple in Kitchen "Apple in Kitchen"
Gerald Smith

Acrylic on canvas, US$55

Still Life - Red Bowl and Fruit "Still Life - Red Bowl and Fruit"
Peter Croxon


Daisies Copper Pot "Daisies Copper Pot"
Carina Nel

Oil paint on canvass, US$248

Daisies in Vase "Daisies in Vase"
Margaret Ramsay- Art Studio

Mixed Media on Linen, US$238

White Roses "White Roses"
Roanne Labuschagne



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