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Raj Maree

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"Creation of Man/Adam"
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Creation of Man/Adam
US$ 1,377

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Raj Maree

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About Raj

Raj Maree

Turning Imagination into a Reality.

Influenced by the unharmonious era of an Apartheid South Africa and through his diverse travelling experiences and relationships with people, Raj Maree is one of South Africa's finest creatives. Born in 1968 and growing up in the suburb of Shallcross, Durban among four siblings in a tiny flat bursting at the seams with love, laughter and chatter, his humble beginnings are a great source and inspiration to his creative works.

He is an accomplished graphic designer, respected media publisher, directing member of a small
design studio - BullzEye Advertising and Marketing, as well as a change catalyst at, a publication to empower community entrepreneurs and now, an unconventional contemporary
digital artist transcending various genres and integrating art movements. To confine him into a
specific genre, would be a challenge, as he is the epitome of "Constant Change". He breathes "Life into Dreams" and turns "Imagination into Reality". He is the creator of his very own art revolution "Mareeism" which is expressed through multiple layers of mixed mediums, effects, styles, textures and finally merged into a digital rendering. His current portfolio of abstract expressionism, pop art, and conceptual modern art are truly inspiring.

His artworks are rich in stories from his travels as well as his youth growing up in a melting pot of different cultures. Raj Maree was impacted by the audacious and vibrant lifestyle of Miami where he lived from 1997-2004 with his college sweetheart whom he married. They enjoyed the colourful
cosmopolitan city life, engaging with people and living through new bold experiences. They had a kaleidoscopic palette for the arts and entertainment world indulging in the Miami madness and culture of a pop-youthful society. In 1998 they brought their daughter Tasha Lee into the world, their only child.

However in his early years as a creative Raj was drawn to the experimental art that was introduced to him during his elementary schooling. After completing his grade 12 education, at Shallcross
Secondary School in 1985, where he studied science and arts Raj Maree went on to study Graphic
Design at the, M. L. Sultan Technikon a tertiary art academic space for non-whites. Here he excelled and was well placed in their exhibitions, and passed with a First Class National Diploma. He was
greatly respected by his colleagues and tutors. Mentored by accredited guilds lecturer, Rex Guthridge and the then Dean, Tony Sutherland together with Dennis Pervis, Gem Melville, Manjula Naidoo amongst others, Raj blossomed into a mature conceptual designer and critical thinker. Whilst still a student, he was commissioned on many design projects, he proudly talks of his engagement with the All Joy brand, and how even today his original logo is still part of their identity.

Marees' new artworks are tributes to the Greats, with layers of graphics and designs to create digital
masterpieces that display and honour the legends. They are statement works of art that are loud and bold and will truly steal the breath of the beholder.

This eclectic, young soul at heart, is definitely offering the art world a new look to (CAD) digitally printed canvas'. Through his virtual online gallery via Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, he is now offering to showcase and collaborate with other talented artists.

He is an artist worthy following and investing in.

Price Range

US$ 1,377-1,377





M. L. Sultan Technikon

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