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Leana de Villiers - "Cautious Curiosity"

"Cautious Curiosity"

Cautious Curiosity
Mixed Media, US$ 245

Cautious Curiosity

Sorry but this work has already been sold. may be willing to undertake a commission.

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Mixed Media

W: 500mm x H: 900mm x D: 45mm
W: 20" x H: 35" x D: 2"

Approx. Weight: 1.5kg

This work is unframed


US$ 245 SOLD


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About "Cautious Curiosity"

Cautious Curiosity is an oil painting of our cat Patches.
The story of Patches started in April 2009. It was a very stormy and extremely windy evening. My husband heard a cat meowing and opened the front door, but could not see anything. Both our cats, Smokey and Joey were inside all snuggled up. When my husband heard the cat once again, he opened the front door and said that there is a cat outside and wondered to whom it may belong. I asked if the cat is okay, but he said he is not sure. I immediately went outside in the stormy weather to see where the cat was and if it was okay. I saw this little black and white kitty, but did not want to scare her away, so I knelt down and put my hand out for her to smell. She was very cautious, but slowly came closer. As she got close enough for me to pick her up, a gust of wind came and literally blew her a few meters away from me. I went after her, picked her up and took her inside. She was as light as a feather and was only skin and bones. We made a bed for her in the bathroom, because we had to keep her separate from our other two cats to prevent a possible fight. We placed some food, water and a sandbox nearby. My husband and I then sat down on the bathroom floor with her. We picked her up to check if she was not hurt. She had no injuries, but was covered in ticks. We sat with her, picking off the ticks with a tweezer for a couple of hours. We then sat there watching her settling in and eating as if she has not seen food for a very long time.

The next day we got some tablets from the vet to kill off any remaining ticks. She was very quiet and although she ate and drank some water, she slept most of the time. On the third day she vomited and all that came out was bits of plastic dustbin bags. So this little kitty had been living in the drains of the housing complex and had gone scavenging in the dustbins for food. We asked around, but nobody had lost a cat and as a result we decided to keep her and named her Patches.

After about a week, we slowly started introducing Patches to our other two cats. In the beginning it was hair-raising, but they started getting used to one another slowly. Once she settled into the household, she became a little more daring. She tried to jump onto the couch to join the other two cats, but because she was so weak, she had no strength in her hind legs and could not get onto the couch. We had to pick her up every time and put her on the couch.

We took her to the vet for a check-up, yearly injections, deworming and wanted to make an appointment to have her spayed as well. The vet said that she was far too weak and would not survive anesthetic. Therefore we were not able to have her spayed her until she had gained more strength. So after about 2 months she gained enough strength and we had her spayed.

Patches was a very scared cat from the beginning and did not like wind, barking dogs or loud noises. When she was outside and the wind started blowing, she would run inside immediately and take cover. She also does not like people (besides us) and when we get visitors, she will hide under the bed until they had left.

Having been part of our family for a good couple of years now, Patches started budding like a beautiful flower from all the love, affection and attention. She has become a kitty full of confidence. To this day she is not fond of other people and will go to our bedroom when we have visitors. She is probably the most affectionate kitty I have come across. She sleeps on the bed every night with the other two and in winter time she loves to get under the blankets where it is cosy and warm.

She is very curious, but remains cautious and always very lovable.

Leana de Villiers

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About Leana

Leana de Villiers

Leana de Villiers was born in 1969 and grew up in the Little Karoo, Western Cape and currently lives in Somerset West, South Africa.

Since childhood de Villiers has always been a naturally creative person. She believes in the power of dedication, hard work, perseverance and persistence. "Painting is what I do; it forms an integral part of my being, my existence, it's my meditation. The Artists Curse is part of the daily struggle; however at the same time the driving force that pushes oneself and ones abilities further and further, striving to satisfy the Artist's soul." -Leana de Villiers

De Villiers has a fascination with how light affects her subject matter and likes to push the contrasts between lights and darks, yet keeping it subtle and realistic at the same time. She mainly works in oils, her first love and acrylics/mixed media on occasion. Her inspiration mostly comes from nature and the world around her.

Member of the Western Cape Art Society

I paint my past, my present and my future; my reality, my dreams, needs and desires, which all fills my subconscious mind and spills over onto the canvas. What I put onto canvas comes from my core, every fiber within myself, from every thought and every life experience I have. One may not be fully aware of this always, but your subconscious is informing your decisions all the time in life, and especially when you are making your art.

In my paintings my main aim is to capture emotion, harmony and balance while at the same time I respond to the effects of colour, light, atmosphere and the feelings stirred up within my being when painting and viewing the subject matter.

I enjoy utilizing the characteristics that the paint offers in terms of tonal values, transparency, opaqueness, warm and cool colours to create depth in my paintings.

On the back of each painting you will find the following information: Reference Number, Title of painting, size and substrate information, medium the work was painted in, my name and full signature as proof of authenticity.
I take pride in my work and believe in delivering high quality art work.

Price Range

US$ 53-265



2016- 7 October to 25 November: Group Exhibition "Abstraction" at Bright Street Gallery, Somerset West
2015- 5 December to 31 January: Masque Theatre, Muizenberg
2015- 6-7 June: "I AM" (Independent Art Movement) Group Exhibition, Franschhoek
2014- 20 May to 11 April - Twitter Art Exhibition, Orlando, Florida, U.S.A: 'Karoo Farm Cottage' was one of the first paintings to sell on opening night.
2011- October: Solo Exhibition in the Main Gallery of the CopperFlame Gallery
2011 July (Month) - Solo Exhibition in the Wendle Room at the Virtual CopperFlame Gallery. This exhibition presented all Best In Show artists of the first 7 shows.
2011 June (1 Week) - Solo Exhibition in the Thames Room at the Virtual CopperFlame Gallery. Received award for 'BEST IN SHOW 3'.


Self-taught Artist

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