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Corne Eksteen

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"Anrophobia 2"
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Anrophobia 2
US$ 729

"Picture for spiritual re-definition 2"
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Picture for spiritual re-definition 2
US$ 182

"La Mort #1"
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La Mort #1
US$ 1,367

"The Excitor"
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The Excitor
US$ 547

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US$ 3,646

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US$ 164

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US$ 191

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US$ 2,005

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US$ 729

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US$ 729

"The Defector"
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The Defector
US$ 1,276

"Monoface V"
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Monoface V
US$ 65

"Monoface VI"
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Monoface VI
US$ 65

"Escape I"
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Escape I
US$ 76

"Escape Right"
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Escape Right
US$ 65

"Escape II (triptych)"
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Escape II (triptych)
US$ 137

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Corne Eksteen

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About Corne

Corne Eksteen

Eksteen (also known as XTN) was born at Zastron, South Africa on October 6, 1973. He studied towards a BA in Fine Art at the University of Pretoria and UNISA (University of South Africa)

He spent several years working in related fields from Menswear Designer to various positions in the Interior Decorating and Digital Design Industries. As a Visual Artist Eksteen has been actively working and exhibiting since 1996. Taking part in numerous group and two person exhibitions on an International level. He has reached the finals of prestigious art competitions such as the ABSA Atelier Competition. His work is currently included in several private collections across the world as far afield as Germany, Sweden and the USA.

Eksteen's work can best be described as the study of relationships. This theme often explored by means of opposing energies or elements in his work has been the fundamental conceptual building block for most of his work since the mid 1990's. Works focus on specific aspects of identity and how juxtaposed philosophies or imagery, can illuminate our understanding of self and how we relate to others and the world. The interplay or relationships between gender and identity, gender and sexuality and the contradictions between the physical and emotional world, has been some of his major fields of exploration.

His work is visually confrontational, but most often serves as a simple "question" posed to the viewer. He has presented images of castrated men (La Mort, 1998), confronting notions and understanding about gender by beckoning the viewer to confess "who they are without their genitals" He has combined the faces of male and female sitters into a single androgynous portraits (xx=xy, 2015) asking the viewer to identify the gender of the image and in so doing to expose their own gender bias understanding of the visual world.

Eksteen, is currently living and working in Durban, South Africa.

Price Range

US$ 65-3,646



Solo Exhibitions:
2007 "Skin" Temporary gallery in warehouse - Woodstock, South Africa
2009 "Inferno" Temporary gallery in warehouse - Bloemfontein, South Africa
2015 "Disintegration" artSPACE - Durban, South Africa (View archived exhibition website)
2016 "Assimilation" artSPACE - Durban, South Africa (View archived exhibition website)
2017 "Portraits" RESTOCK, Funchel, Portugal
2017 "Otherness" State of the Art Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa
2017 "Anomaly" artSPACE Durban Durban, South Africa
2019 "Nexus" State of the Art Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa

Recent Group Exhibitions:
TTAG2018 The Travelling Art Gallery Ostertorpassage Hildesheim Germany January 2019
Summer Sale Exhibtion Rust-en-Vrede Gallery Durbanville South Africa January 2019
Life is a portrait RESTOCK GALLERY Funchel Portugal January - March 2019
UMHLABA / LAND KZNSA Durban South Africa March / April 2019
General curated exhibition Opulent Living Cape Town South Africa March 2019
KKNK The Showroom Art Gallery Outshoorn South Africa March 2019
General running exhibition Etchings Gallery Durban South Africa April - May 2019
General running exhibition Smudge Contemporary Gallery Clarens South Africa April - May 2019
Palate, Plate, Palette Rust-en-Vrede Gallery Durbanville South Africa April - May 2019
ARTMUC 2019 ARTsouthAFRICA Isarforum Munich Germany May 2019
General curated exhibition Eye4Art La Lucia South Africa May 2019
TTAG2019 The Travelling Art Gallery TTAG2019 Flare of Frankfurt Frankfurt Germany June 2019 (View Related Video)
Durban July State of the Art Gallery Cape Town South Africa July 2019 (View Related Video)
TTAG2019 The Travelling Art Gallery TTAG2019 Neckarstra├če 207 Stuttgart Germany July 2019 (View Related Video)
VryFees 2019 The Showroom Art Gallery Bloemfontein South Africa July 2019
TTAG2019 The Travelling Art Gallery TTAG2019 Munich Germany July 2019 (View Related Video)
Decorex The Showroom Art Gallery Midrand South Africa August 2019
Aardklop National Arts Festival The Showroom Art Gallery Potchefstroom South Africa September 2019
Passage Two Person Exhibition (with Nicole Pletts) Rossouw Modern Hermanus South Africa October 2019
Night of a 1000 Drawings Rossouw Modern Hermanus South Africa December 2019
General running exhibition Eye4Art Gallery Durban South Africa December 2019
General curated exhibition Art & Wine Gallery Clarens South Africa December 2019



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