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1- Bird of Paradise neckpiece
1- Pearl clasp
1- Shell brooch
1-Adlou brooch-pendant
14ct Brooch With Blue Sapphire and Diamonds
9ct Yellow and red gold pierced ring
Aeroplane Cufflinks
African safari cufflinks
African Tribal Pendant
Air Show Earrings
Bottletop necklace
Butterfly Earrings
Camper Shoe Earrings
Cape Batis Pendant
Chicken and Egg Pendant
Church Ring
Copper Rose
Dewdrop Earrings with Quartz
Drow Spider Neckpiece
Drow Spider Pendant
Drow Spider Ring
Dryad Daisy Chain (Oxydized)
Eagle Owl Pendant
Eternity Ring
Flights of Fantasy- earrings
Golden Symphony earings
Golden Symphony neckpiece
Golden Symphony neckpiece
Green Pastures Earrings
Green Pearls Copper & Silver Earring
Landscape in Glass and Silver Pendant
Lapis Lazuli/Carnelian Necklace
Large Traditional MultiColor Necklace
Lesser Striped Swallow Earrings
Lesser-Striped Swallow Pendant
Long-tailed Widowbird Earrings
Nouveau "King of Six" Neckpiece
Organic Pebble Neckpiece
Oxidised Silver Ring with Topaz
Pearl-Spotted Owl Earrings
Pebble Mosaic Ring
Pinkthroated Twinspot Pendant
reclining a bit
Rock Ring 1
Rock Ring 2
Rosy-faced Lovebird Pendant
Scuba Neckpiece
Shaka Defeats Matiwane
shell pendant necklace
Silver garnet earrings
Silver Ring with Opal and Tourmaline
Silver Scroll Ring with Garnet
Silver, 18ct crown ring with garnet
Textured Silver Bracelet
The Narrow Path Cross
The Path to Galilee Ring
Traditional Yellow Zulu African Neclace
TV brooch
Victorian Boots- Earrings
Vine and Branches Cross
Vine and Branches Ring
Wash Day Baby Blues - Neckpiece
Wash Day Baby Blues 2 - Neckpiece
Weave Neck Piece
Who's the fairest of them all?

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